GST: Key Points to Look Out For


How has your experience with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) been?

For me, it has been up and down, and unfortunately more down than up.  Most of the items and services I pay for are subjected to GST, and so far it does feel that more money is flowing out of my pockets.  Aaarrgghhh!

However, I am very vigilant when it comes to paying, so I will check and recheck before I pay the amount.  Here are a few things I look out for:

Check Actual Amount of GST Charged

Please check that the amount of GST charged is accurate.  No rounding up to the nearest ringgit please.  My accountant source tells me that during GST training by the Malaysian Customs, they were told that merchants are only allowed to round up to the nearest 2 decimal points.

Last Friday when I wanted to pay my son’s ukulele music lesson fees, I was asked to pay an additional RM7 on top of the RM110 fees.  I disputed the amount because 6% GST of RM110 is RM6.60, and the shop was rounding up the amount to RM7!  The excuse or reason given was that their system automatically rounds it up to the nearest ringgit.

I told them that this should not be the case, and they should have their system recalibrated, or they could be reported to the Customs and be fined RM50,000 or jailed 3 years.

I was promptly refunded my 40 sen.  We shall see next month if the system has been changed.


On top of that the receipt issued was a bit fishy too.  It states the music fees as RM117, and has GST stated as RM6.62.

According to the GST Act, merchants are not allowed to collect GST in excess of the 6%, otherwise they will be liable to a RM50,000 fine and/or 3-year imprisonment.

gst13Source: GST Act

Check Validity of GST Registration Number

Shops that charge you GST MUST provide a receipt with the GST amount clearly stated.  Ask for one if you are not given the receipt.

The receipt should state the GST Registration Number or GST ID of the shop or business, and this proves that the establishment has been registered and is approved to collect GST.  You should check that the GST Registration Number or GST ID is a valid one and that it corresponds to the shop’s name.

Visit the GST Status Lookup page and key in the GST Registration Number or GST ID or shop’s name to verify.

Check Total Price Against Displayed Price

Here’s something I learnt.  The prices displayed are INCLUSIVE of GST.  There should not be any additional 6% charged on top of those prices.  This is clearly stated in the GST Act.


For example, if a shop sells cakes for RM10.00, and displays the price as RM10.00, they are only allowed to charge you RM10.00, where 6% of RM10.00 (which is 60 sen) is the GST charged.  In the receipt, you should see a total charge of RM10.00 with a breakdown of price as RM9.40 and GST as RM0.60.



I’ve already come across a store that is charging 6% on top of the displayed price.  I will be getting my facts organised first and I will not hesitate to lodge a dispute if I find the shop still practising this.

By the way, you can lodge disputes on errant merchants with regards to GST implementation by going to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department GST site and lodging an online complaint.  I have no idea how long it will take for a resolution to be available though.

No more Government Tax and No more Service  Tax

For places where we used to pay both government tax (6%) and service tax (10%) on top of published prices, we now only pay 6% GST, and this GST is already included in published prices!  I was so happy to drink my latte from my favorite coffee place with the seemingly discounted rate. :)

…and that is just about the only good thing I have experienced with GST thus far.

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Izumio and Super Lutein: Natural Healing of Skin Problems and Disorders

Those of you who know me personally would know that I am not easily influenced to try remedies to treat illnesses and ailments, more so if they involve my kids.  I am not one who is gullible enough to try a product without batting an eyelid.  There has to be a logical explanation as to how the product works and proof that there are no side effects before I agree to try it.  I would conduct thorough research on the product and the person promoting the product would be bombarded with many questions before I say yes.

So it was with much trepidation and some skepticism that I started giving Izumio and Super Lutein to Emma to heal her eczema.


The healing process has been gradual with ups and downs, but now after about 4 months since we started on them, I am pleased to note that Emma is about 90% healed from her eczema.  Her skin is so much smoother, and more resilient.  There are still dry patches here and there but nowhere near when we first started.  I can tell that she is no longer suffering because she is happier now, giggles more and has become a very cheeky little girl.

Izumio and Super Lutein is healing my daughter, I have no doubt about that.  And most of you would know that I am also living proof that Izumio and Super Lutein heals hand eczema too, yes?

Izumio hydrogenated water is water which has a high concentration of hydrogen added into it.  At 2.6ppm, Izumio has the highest concentration of hydrogen in water around the world.  In fact, 1 200ml pack of Izumio contains the same amount of hydrogen as 727 liters of France’s Miracle Water from Lourdes.  Hydrogen, being the smallest atom in the world, has the ability to penetrate cells at mitochondrial level to effectively neutralise free radicals which cause diseases, because hydrogen is an extremely potent antioxidant.  Subsequently, the toxins in the body are flushed out.

Super Lutein capsules, on the other hand, are capsules containing natural extracts from fruits and vegetables with healthy pigments from all the colors of the rainbow.  Super Lutein has extracts from 6 important carotenoids and 5 essential nutrients, making it super-effective as an antioxidant and also to rebuild cells and rejuvenate the body.


It is no wonder that this powerful combination of Izumio and Super Lutein is the best you can ever give your skin.  Safely. Naturally.  It’s really super skin food, at its best.

In fact, I have used them in various degrees and applications in the home to help our every days skin woes:

  • When my son developed some mysterious rashes on the trunk of his body, I gave him an increased dose of Super Lutein and Izumio.  I also splashed Izumio on the rashes and dabbed it in.  The rashes dried up within 2 days and all the rashes healed within the week,
  • When my baby developed a sudden allergic reaction to food or external contaminants, resulting in red raised rashes all over her face and neck, I splashed Izumio on her face and neck and continuously allowed her to sip on Izumio.  The hive-like rashes disappeared within 30 minutes.
  • When my daughter had a nasty fall with a cut on her forehead, I washed the wound and splashed Izumio on it.  It helped the wound heal faster and when we took her to the doctor, she proclaimed it was a shallow one and only needed some steristrips and no stitches.  During the healing period, I continuously used Izumio on the wound topically, and also let her consume an increased dosage of Super Lutein to aid in wound healing.
  • Itchiness on the skin has been relieved by applying Super Lutein topically and leaving it overnight.

If we are travelling, I make sure we pack enough Izumio and Super Lutein for our trip.  For general consumption and for “just in case” scenarios.  I’m so glad for the efficacy of these supplements which treat and heal effectively, with no need for meds and drugs, and most importantly, they are safe, steroid-free and natural.  If you have a skin problem or skin disorder, or if you know of your loved ones or your friends who are suffering, please ask them to check out these products, because they seriously work.  I’m no longer a skeptic because I have seen it with my own eyes.  In the words of a dear friend of mine who is on her way to complete healing like me, she said, “Izumio is a blessing!”

Indeed it is, and I can’t stop singing its praises.

If you would like to know more about these awesome products or if you would like to try them for yourself or your loved ones, please drop me an email at or check out my Izumio Penang Instagram page.  You could also check out the Izumio and Super Lutein Malaysia Facebook page for more information.  Don’t forget to mention you heard about these products from Giddy Tigers! :)

Here’s to healthy skin and natural healing!

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I Was In A Car Accident

There was no way we could have known an accident was about to happen.  On hindsight, it could have very well been prevented had the other car not gone so fast, and slowed down on time.  From what I remember, she had a good 3-4 seconds to brake and come to a stop.  She must have gone way too fast or she must have been distracted by texting.  There’s no way to tell now.

This was what the rear end of my car looked like after the collision:


And this is what the “banger”‘s car looked like:


The trunk of my car cannot be closed and hence cannot be locked now, and the bumper of my car is brushing against the wheel, hence there is a loud rattling sound when the car moves.

The scariest thing I remember was when I looked in the rear view mirror and witnessed, to my horror, this car moving so fast coming behind me.  I knew it was going to hit me and yet I could do nothing to save the situation.  I could only pray and pray with all my might that the driver would be able to stop on time, and that my girls would not be harmed.

That’s right, my two girls were strapped in in the back seat. We were on our way home from school when the accident happened.

The lady driver (who looked not more than 25) called her dad and when he came we agreed to lodge police reports.  So over the past couple of days, we were busy driving around getting all the documentation ready to submit for insurance claims and more importantly, to get repairs underway.  The current estimate Toyota gave me for completion of repairs is around 10 days! :O

Anyway, here are my own personal tips on how to deal with an accident situation:

  • Remain calm at the scene of the accident.  Check if you and your passengers are injured.
  • Drive to the side of the road as close as possible to the scene of the accident.  Try not to obstruct moving traffic.
  • If there are kids in the car, have them remain in the car while you alight to check on damages to your vehicle.
  • Take pictures of your car, and other vehicles involved in the accident.  Make sure you get the vehicle registration number.
  • If the person in the wrong agrees to pay you for the damages, get his name and cellphone number, and driver’s licence number.  In an ideal scenario, have him/her follow you to the workshop to assess damages.
  • However, if both parties agree to lodge police reports, take the other party’s name and number too.
  • Police reports should be lodged within 24 hours from the time of accident.  Please allow a wait time of at least 1 hour for the police report to be submitted.
  • Bring along your identity card and driver’s license and just in case the police station does not have a photocopier, bring a copy of each as well.
  • Write down your account of the accident with as many details as you can, but remember to include date and time, vehicle registration numbers and location.  The police station that I went to had some templates to follow, so I just used those.
  • After the report is submitted, it will go into investigation phase.
  • You may purchase the police report during office hours at RM4 per copy.  Since my report was submitted after office hours, I returned the following day and purchased the report then.
  • For insurance claiming purposes, I also purchased the report of the person who hit me (RM4), and the results of the investigation including pictures and charts (RM10).
  • If possible, drive your car to the workshop and have them start on the repairwork.  Some workshops need all the documents ready in order to assess the damage and make a claim to the insurance company.
  • Bring along the original copy and a photocopy of the following documents for submission:
    • Identity card of driver (and owner of car, if different from driver)
    • Driver’s License of driver (and owner of car, if different from driver)
    • Registration card of your vehicle
    • Insurance policy page that shows name of insured car driver and other additional drivers, with validity dates.
    • Police reports
    • Police investigation results (if available)
    • Insurance policy details of the other party  (We had to go to the Road Transport Department to request for a copy of the other party’s insurance details.  Paid RM10 for this)

And now we wait and pray that the repairwork will be completed as fast as possible.

Nobody wants accidents to happen, and of course we always drive safely and make sure everything is covered on our end.  Defensive driving, so they say.  However, things like these happen…someone just knocks you from behind and no matter how good a driver you are, the accident becomes inevitable.

In order to ensure all your best interests are protected in the event of a mishap like the one I had, please keep these pointers in mind:

  • Ensure your vehicle has a valid insurance policy with a valid road tax.
  • If you are driving someone else’s car, make sure your name is listed under the Additional Drivers section in the car insurance policy.
  • Make sure your driver’s licence is valid and not expired.
  • Very important:  Buckle UP!!  If you are carrying babies, kids and toddlers, especially, please strap them up in infant carriers and car seats.  And please DO NOT put them in the front seat.  I cannot stress this more importantly.  If your child is below 2 years old, please ensure he/she is in a rear-facing seat at all times, preferably with a 5-point harness.
  • Focus on driving when you are behind the wheel!  Do not TEXT while driving!

Lastly, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their prayers and concerns.  I’m ever so grateful to the Almighty God whose loving arms and watchful eyes were over us at all times.

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The Return of Tax Returns Filing

How many of you notice that I always seem to “disappear” from my blog during the first three months of the year?  It was no different this year, if you’d noticed.  I had a valid reason of course… My three kids have birthdays in the first quarter of the year and I would be busy planning their birthday parties and what-have-yous.   This year was slightly low-key but still I was kept busy till my neck!  Plus there was the Lunar New Year celebration too and this year, I also had some time devoted to my Izumio business.  More on that later… :)

But now that we are fast approaching April, I can relax a little because I don’t need to bake birthday cakes all the time!  I can bake breads and experiment with some new exciting recipes… However, a cloud looms above and I have started to think about the impending filing of tax returns! Aaarrrrghh!

How do you do your tax returns each year? Do you start hunting for receipts and documents when the time comes? Or do you have everything organised and ready? Do you do it yourself or do you hire someone to do it? Or do you (shudder!!!) not do it at all?!!

Me? I am tasked with doing both my tax returns as well as hubby’s. I used to keep receipts and documents in an old shoe box, but now I use neat poly envelopes like these:


To make the envelope look more uniformed, I have a folder inside which holds documents for that particular year.  Of course, I use my labelmaker and label them accordingly for each year.

I included an envelope for book receipts, and other relevant receipts so I can easily refer to them when filing taxes.  Throughout the year, I would put related documents into the relevant folder or envelope; and now that it’s tax time I simply take out the envelope with the corresponding label for that year.

I then sort through the documents like book receipts, sports equipment purchase, insurance premiums and the like and start to account for them.


I have a very simple spreadsheet that calculates income and tax payable.Once I have the amounts corrected and justified, I will proceed to enter the figures and data via e-filing.

I am the officially appointed home accountant so I manage tax returns for my husband and I. Yes, even though I am only equipped with SPM principles of accounts standard. Hahaha.

Have you started on your tax returns yet? Is it your most dreaded time of the year? Do you still submit hard copy or do you do e-filing?


  • April 30 2015: if you’re submitting tax returns as an individual (not running a business) – Borang BE
  • June 30 2015: if you’re submitting tax returns and running a business – Borang B

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Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Buttered Chicken & Homegrown Genovese Basil

I just wanted to make the name of the dish extra long because I am so extremely pleased with myself.  Heh.

So this was what we had for dinner last night.  It was a last minute preparation, given that yesterday was a super busy day for me.


I thought this was a perfectly simple dish to execute, but I had forgotten that we had run out of olive oil!  So I gave this a sinful twist by adding some butter to replace the oil.

Oh yeah, and I used my precious homegrown Genovese basil leaves.  They are precious because I have watched them grow with so much love and care.  At one point, I thought my Genovese basil would die for sure, but they stood firm and strong, weathered through the dry season and have begun to flourish now.  I’m so glad to be able to harvest them. :)

Genovese basil tastes just like sweet basil.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent of basil!  And even better because this is 100% pesticide-free homegrown stuff!

basil2Have a great week ahead everyone! ♥


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