How many times have we longed for something that we don’t have?  How many times have we yearned for a better something, a bigger something, a more beautiful something…

That house that someone has.

That family vacation that someone just enjoyed.

That fine dining experience you saw someone post on social media.

The haircut someone had.

For a change, how about backing up a little and looking at the BIG picture for a second?  Maybe what we see is not exactly all there is.

Maybe, just maybe, that lady with the seemingly perfect outfit might suffer from a lack of happiness.

Or maybe that person who is always posting about her family’s perfect life may not have had the opportunity to discover spiritual peace.

I have found that over the years, if we keep harping on what we do not have, we miss out on what we already have.

We miss out the chance to be grateful for whatever is around us, despite how unimportant they may seem.

We lose the opportunity to be thankful for all that is happening around us and all that is happening to us when we solely focus on what we think we could have.

So take a moment to close your eyes every now and then, and be thankful for the things in your life.  The little BIG things in your life.

I’m too, am learning to, and it truly gives you a lease of life when you learn to appreciate them.


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A New Beginning

A new year calls for new goals, fresh perspectives, revisiting old habits and improving or changing them for the better.  Hence I have decided to reignite my passion for blogging.

I will attempt to … and hopefully will find the time to write more often than before.

My blog has been dormant for the longest time, mostly because I relied on micro-blogging platforms and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like.  I don’t suppose there are many people reading blogs anyway nowadays.

However, I do love the fact that my jottings from years ago about my experiences as a new parent, a breastfeeding mom and personal opinions have served some readers well.

So I logged into my WordPress account last week and discovered that something was amiss.  I could not create any new posts nor edit the existing ones.

Thankfully, after some back and forth discussions and troubleshooting with my host provider, my blog is not working as it should!  I had to revert to the Classic WordPress editor because it felt more familiar to me.

Long story short, I am now good to go!  If you are one of my loyal readers who are still reading my posts, thank you so much and please do leave me a note to say hi!

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead and sending you positive vibes of love and positivity!

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I Have A New Makeup Nook!

I’m so glad I finally found a pocket of time to organise my makeup nook on my dresser. If you notice the Before picture, you will see that it is anything BUT a makeup area.

Shame on me, really.

It had become a convenient place to stash anything that had no place to be and there were also plenty of unused items.

First rule of organizing an area is to start with a clean slate. I removed every item in that area and tossed out whatever I didn’t need or had not used for goodness-knows-how-long.  These included electric toothbrushes, product samples, expired skincare products and old makeup.

Since I switched to toxin-free alternatives for my skincare products and makeup, I find that I don’t need that many items in my daily skincare routine, and this fact helped me throw a lot of stuff away.

After cleaning out the area and wiping it dry, I arranged the stuff I needed back neatly. In the After photo, you will notice an acrylic makeup organiser right in front. THIS – I absolutely LOVE.

Finally – a proper home for all my Savvy Minerals makeup, making it easily accessible and stored neatly too!

So…. do you think I did a good job?

Next on the list: tackling the storage space in my dresser cupboards!

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Blessings to be Counted

Count your blessings. Yes, people….count your blessings.  And I mean you, you and yes, you all the way over there.  Even when it feels as though the whole world is against you, count your blessings.

On so many occasions, I have been beaten and disappointed that something has not happened the way I wanted it to, but in the grand scheme of things, I have found that God had intended it to be that way.

I am learning to just lean on Him and trust that He knows best.

I am learning to let go and let be.

To be thankful that I am doing whatever I am doing, and to allow God to lead me to wherever He has planned for me.

It is just too easy to cling on to things which are familiar to us, comforting even.  But if we don’t allow ourselves to explore, to be curious, to step out of our (cliched) comfort zones, we will never know what there might be waiting for us.

It may be daunting, and scary, but it is worth it if God walks with us.

But if we remember Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”, I trust and know that we will be fine.

Picture credits: OolaLife

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Shame on Me…

For neglecting my blogs for so long! I do have good reasons for doing so, but they would seem more like excuses now that I think of it.

Has it been more than half a year that I have NOT blogged? Well I have been on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so those of you who are following me on those platforms would have gotten updates on my life and goings-on.

To be fair, the first three months of the year are super busy ones for me, what with all my kids celebrating their birthdays then. I will get to more detail on the birthdays in the upcoming posts in my kids’ blog… Now that my kids read my blog, they would periodically ask if I have updated the blog with this event or that happening.

Shame on me for letting the end of year holidays pass without so much as a whisper on the blog front.

I am sorry.

The new year came and I was totally engulfed in family matters and business affairs too. I have made a conscious decision to spread the love in health awareness and I’m steering my ship in a new exciting direction this year, and that, honestly, had taken up much of my time too. Adjusting sails and gathering resources is no mean feat. Heh.

Unfortunately, I recently allowed myself to be stressed out again and fell really ill. Had a bad dyshidrotic eczema infection on my hands and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic course. However it turns out I was severely allergic to that antibiotic and my whole neck and both arms up to the armpits broke out in horrible itchy red rashes. So bad they were, I was unable to move my arms or turn my head without screaming in pain.

I am allowing myself some time to heal now, to take a few steps back and try to relax as best as I can. Healing is still taking place, and it will take some time, definitely.

soblessedPhoto Credit: Peter Kasprzyk

Filling my life with happy thoughts and positive vibes so that the healing process is a wholesome one: healing the body and the mind.

First things first….. I need to get back into the blogging groove. I recently made an acquaintance with a blog reader whom I found out has been following me since my first child was born! I was so engulfed in guilt because I had not been updating my blog and here she was saying that I really helped her with all that I wrote… about breastfeeding, about bringing up kids and about parenting. Once again, I am so touched that in my own way, I had touched lives without realizing it and this further affirms my life saving mission now to spread knowledge, love and healing to everyone everywhere as best as I can.

Thank you everyone who has stood by me thus far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m still here… not as regularly blogging as I once did, but rest assured still around.

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