Word Whizzing: Educational and Entertaining


Everyone loves toys which are educational and entertaining at the same time.  Talk about killing two birds with one proverbial stone!  The ever popular flash cards are a staple in every household with kids, I’m sure you’d agree.

Every parent would have their own story to tell about flash cards; how it has helped to entertain their children, how it has helped children learn how to read…and inevitably, how they have had to pick up all the flash cards that have been scattered around the house: under the couch, behind the cupboards, you know the drill.  And yes, some parents would also tell you a tale or two about some flash cards that have been proven “yummy” to kids.

Are you nodding your head knowingly yet? :P

So when we received this interesting looking toy especially from Applecrumby & Fish, the Learning Resources Word Whiz Electronic Flash Card, I was looking forward to it being used as a flash card minus the need to pick up after the kids.  The funky looking Word Whiz is one of the many educational toys that one can find at the Applecrumby & Fish store.  If you ask me, educational toys do go the distance compared to their non-educational counterparts, and with Christmas around the corner… :)

That being said however, the Word Whiz does not work in the same conventional way as a flash card.  This is a device that can be easily held by children and is more of a spelling game.  With conventional flash cards, the child is expected to read out the word upon recognition or sounding the words out, but with Word Whiz, the child will need to select the correct letter or letters to form a valid word.  There are three levels to play according to the child’s reading level, and the aim is to create as many valid words as possible in one minute.

Sounds like fun, eh?  You’re right…even adults can join in the fun!

The Word Whiz is not as brightly colored as the electronic tablets we see nowadays though.  It’s monochromatic, but it does keep a child occupied.

Another plus point is that I can safely allow my little toddler of 19 months to hold it and press its buttons without the risk of her accidentally deleting my files or high scores.  An educational toy that transcends age, pretty much? :)

I’m going to check out similar educational toys soon!

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Orange & Pumpkin Crazy Cake


I want to share with you today a very special cake I recently made.  It’s special because this cake contained NO EGGS, NO BUTTER, NO MILK  and if you want to follow my recipe exactly, you don’t even need a bowl!!  It’s the ideal cake for introducing to your little toddler, and especially mine, as I’m delaying the introduction of dairy and eggs to her.

This recipe was tweaked from the original vanilla crazy cake recipe, and I added some orange and pumpkin to it for that extra flavor.

The resulting cake was moist and fragrant.  It did not fluff up and rise as much as a normal cake would do, but that’s not a big issue.  The consistency was also slightly dense but it was negligible given that this cake is such a breeze to make (and clean up after)!  In fact, it’s super duper easy to make, so much so that you can totally get those little ones to help you make it in the kitchen.

Let me know how you like it if you do try it, okay?

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Malaysia Bugslock: Naturally Drives Mozzies (and Bugs) Away!


Most of you would know that I make my own insect repellent.  This actually works great and I use it every day, spraying it on my kids’ clothes and skin.  However, I have been wondering if mosquitoes do develop a form of immunity to insect repellents that are frequently used.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s good to jazz it up a little once in a while…make ‘em mozzies confuse and daze them up.


So lately, I have been experimenting with Bugslock, an all-natural mosquito repellent band which is DEET-free and non-toxic, both of which were important factors for consideration by me.  Bugslock is a product which is imported from Korea and in Malaysia, it is distributed by X Cube Enterprise.


My kids wear these bands on their wrists when they go for soccer practice and so far (they have been using it once a week for at least a month now), I am pleased to say that there has not been a single mosquito bite.  This is no mean feat because I always attract plenty of mosquitoes when I go to the soccer pitch with them. Blame it on my sweet blood… :P

The Bugslock mosquito repellent band is a small band made of soft ultra micro-fiber and contains natural essential oils to ward off mosquitoes.  The good folks at Bugslock Malaysia sent me three bands to test out and I was happy to note that in the interest of hygiene, they were each individually packed and sealed.

The smell of the essential oils was rather strong, however, because as I took out the band, I could detect the strong citronella and/or lemongrass oil smells.  I guess this meant it would work well, but if someone were easily turned off by the strong smell, they would not enjoy wearing it.  The smell did not bother me though, and it was a good thing it did not bother my kids either.


The Bugslock micro-fiber band had holes on it and a plastic fastener that we could use to fasten the band according to the size of the wearer’s wrist or ankle.  While my kids wear theirs on the wrists, I wear mine on my ankle because I was afraid my baby would grab my band.

Overall, I am quite happy with its performance.  It does the job really well, and it doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to itch, which is a good thing.  However, because my kids wear it while playing soccer, the Bugslock band does get wet with sweat and perspiration.  The lifespan of the band is 240 hours.  I’m assuming it is 240 hours of being exposed to air, but since the Bugslock band gets wet after each wearing, I don’t seal it back in the pouch immediately after use but instead, I air dry them first.


I find this would “waste” part of the 240 hours of its life.  If the Bugslock were made from a wipeable plastic, then we could easily wipe the moisture off and store and seal it immediately, thus preserving its lifespan further.  Food for thought? :)

Nevertheless, for a remarkably reasonable price of RM13 per piece, this is a fantastic product that does what it is supposed to do!  Bear in mind though, that there are plenty of imitation products out there in the market that are ineffective and worse, contain chemicals that could prove toxic to health.  Ensuring your purchase is made through the authentic right channel, Bugslock Malaysia, will certainly give you peace of mind and reassurance for an original, genuine and safe product.


Bugslock Natural Mosquito Repellent


  • Small and compact, does its job to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Comes in a variety of colors, some may use it as a fashion statement.
  • Adjustable, so it fits almost any wrist/ankle.
  • Individually wrapped and sealed.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Tends to get wet with perspiration when used while playing sports.  Needs to be dried before storage, hence shaving off “lifespan”.
  • Rather strong smell of essential oils which could put some people off.

(Note: I was provided with three Bugslock mosquito repellent bands for the purpose of this review)

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Rayban Malaysia: Looking Good Three Ways

I kid you not.  The first word that comes to mind when I think of “looking good” and “sunglasses” is Rayban.  It’s a longstanding brand with a lot of history and loyalty, but despite that, having a pair of Raybans is still considered a classic piece of accessory.  In addition to the regular way of wearing a pair of sunnies (i.e. over the eyes), I tend to use it as a makeshift headband too.

Womenfolk will be glad to know that the quintessential pair of Raybans is such a natural complement to three different ways to looking good.  Plus, it makes such a great gift!  I can tell you that anyone would love to get a pair of Raybans for a birthday present or Christmas….Just sayin’.

The Rayban does not only look good on Mr Cruise in Top Gun, you know.  Most women can carry off a pair and look fabulous in them!

The working career woman will find that wearing a pair of Raybans accentuates their style effortlessly, making their work ensemble classic yet professional.  It is a must-have in any wardrobe.


On the other hand, if you’re going for that sweet and demure look, match your pair of Raybans with a flowy floral summer dress for an instant fun and carefree look.  This is where that makeshift headband look that I’m always carrying is bound to make an appearance.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Lastly, get that casual everyday look of denim, t-shirt and shades by simply adding that touch of Rayban to your attire.


It’s not an understatement to say that Rayban goes with simply just about anything!  Are you interested in owning a pair of sunglasses from Ray Ban Malaysia?  Or do you need an additional pair or two?  Check out ZALORA for a wide range of Rayban designs sold at affordable prices.  There’s a style to suit everyone, I’m sure.

(Pictures courtesy of Zalora)

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Something Made Me Smile Today

Remember that lengthy kefir post I published a while ago?  Well, in that post I said that I have not seen kefir being sold in grocery stores in Malaysia, yes?

I was wrong!


I saw it today at a store here in Penang, and no, that was not what made me smile..I’m smiling because the price per bottle of kefir in the grocery store is SO extravagant! At RM37.90 per bottle here, imagine the amount of money I have saved by just spending a few minutes each day making my own kefir.

You can, too!  Just hop on over to my previous post and you’ll soon discover how easy it is!

I hope your Monday has been great thus far.  Have a great week ahead, folks!

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