Our Easy and Healthy Dinner Last Night

As a mother who takes care of three kids, runs errands on a daily basis, manages the household chores (dishes, laundry), does gardening, runs her own online business and of course oversees meal plans for the week, it goes without saying that I often rely on fuss-free meals for the family.  I try my best not to do fast food though.

My guidelines are that is has to be SIMPLE, NUTRITIOUS and LOVED.

Yesterday, I had planned on making a carrot and corn soup for the kids, but the grocery store I visited did not have corn available.  So I had to change my meal plans on the spot and ended up getting some vegetables for a simple-to-make dinner.


Here’s the soup I made.  It’s a chicken vegetable soup.  So easy to make…and great if you have kids to help you out in the kitchen too!  Here I used chicken breast fillet, chopped celery, sliced brown onions, carrots and tomato.  I added a bay leaf and some seasoning and served it with boiled penne pasta and some homegrown basil leaves.

The kids loved it and even my 2-year old toddler kept asking for more!  She ate everything, including the celery and the onions.

I also whipped up a healthy and yummy side salad using sliced cabbage, sliced brown onions, chopped green apples, celery, cherry tomatoes and dried cranberries.  I dressed it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and maple syrup.


What did you have for dinner?  Do you have a simple dinner dish for the family that you can share with me?

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My Dear Laptop is in Hospital


After having my laptop for 5 years, I finally had to bring her in to the hospital today. For the past week, she had been exhibiting signs of some illness: unable to shut down completely and connection to the wifi was erratic and sometimes tremendously slow.

When all methods of home medication failed, I decide to send her to the doctors who would do a thorough checkup of the hardware and software and hopefully fix whatever is wrong.

The checkup would take about 2-3 days so I won’t be seeing my laptop for that duration of time. I am currently blogging from the iPad. Praying that she will soon be healed and be restored to her former healthy self again.

Missing you much, my dear Vaio…


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Izumio and Super Lutein for Bright, Healthy Eyes

nurturingeyes© Loredana Bejerita

A month after I started consuming Super Lutein and Izumio to treat my skin problems, a friend shared the miraculous story of how her uncle’s friend, who was blind, had his eyesight restored by consuming Super Lutein and Izumio.  That is indeed an eye-opener and a true “was blind but now can see” story.

When I told my husband this story, his reaction was an expected “Are you sure?”

Well it may seem hard to believe but the truth is in the scientifically proven fact that the extremely powerful combination of Super Lutein and Izumio really works wonders on known ailments as well as ailments which the medical professionals declare “untreatable”. Super Lutein is a proven designer eye supplement, with 6 important carotenoids, and among them, studies have shown that the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are essential to treat eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and floaters, just to name a few (Source: WebMD).  Izumio, with its super high concentration of hydrogen, is a powerful antioxidant that can scavenge and hunt down free radicals at mitochondrial level. Izumio also has the unique quality of flushing out toxins naturally and reversing cell damage, including effectively treating damage to DNA.  This unique feature of Izumio makes it the perfect candidate to treat and heal genetic disorders and congenital diseases.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I read about what Izumio and Super Lutein could do for our eyes, but my confidence in the efficacy of these supplements increased a hundred fold when people whom I know personally told me how these products have helped them!

  • A friend of mine saw improvement in his myopia condition and eliminated his astigmatism altogether just by consuming Super Lutein and Izumio for only 2 weeks!
  • An 8 year old child, who is myopic, also had his myopia corrected, with eyesight test results to show!  He took 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily for only 3 months.

Super Lutein and Izumio is perfect for everyone and anyone:

  • to protect the eyes from damaging environmental factors such as electrical and electronic equipment. This is especially important in kids these days, as they are exposed to the television, iPads, PS4 etc on a daily basis.  I have seen many kids who squint at the television and that is an early telltale sign that they might have a problem with their vision.
  • to treat eye problems and diseases, from myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism to cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, AMD and even cancer.
  • to prevent further degeneration of the eyes.
  • to soothe the eyes in the case of tiredness and fatigue.  As someone who doesn’t get much sleep, Izumio has helped relief my sore and tired eyes when I need it.  I simply drop a few drops of Izumio directly into my eyes and the relief is instantaneous.

In fact, I have full confidence in Izumio and Super Lutein for the eyes and I have no qualms about recommending them for all kinds of eye problems.  My Mom’s friend is currently hoping to treat eye stroke and poor vision with Izumio and Super Lutein and I have no doubt we will see wonderful results soon.

So you see, these supplements Izumio and Super Lutein are perfect for the eyes and are perfect for everyone, young or old.  What’s more, it nourishes the eyes and also provides us with all the essential nutrients as an all-round health supplement for the body.

The eyes are the windows of the world, so they say. Let us ensure our eye health and that of our loved ones is of utmost priority. Super Lutein and Izumio are absolutely the best eye supplements you could ever give your eyes, so if you would like to take that step to nourish and protect your eyes, please email me at giddytiger@gmail.com to find out more.

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A Humble Harvest

As my little edible garden continues to grow and grow, I am so pleased that in addition to the spring onions I harvest on a regular basis, I now have other edibles I can use in my kitchen too.  Here’s what I brought in yesterday:

harvest1On the left, I have my Genovese basil, which, to my delight, has been growing extremely well since I fertilised it with organic sheep poo, and also because it has been raining quite regularly nowadays.


The red spiky fruits are roselle calyxes from my organic roselle plants.  I’m storing them so that when I have enough I will be able to make my own roselle juice.  These roselle plants are super easy to grow as they require full-on sunshine.

I had only one lone okra for yesterday, which I will add to my collection in the refrigerator.  I have about 4-5 okra plants now, and I have also been able to share the fruits of my labor with friends too.  The okra is actually very sweet-tasting…even little Emma likes to eat them!

I used half of my Genovese basil to make spaghetti aglio olio last night, and the other half I was thinking of perhaps cooking a pot of basil chicken in a couple of days’ time.  It’s so much fun cooking with my homegrown food, and you know what…my kids have even said that my homegrown spring onions taste far better than other spring onions they have tasted!

I’m looking forward to harvesting my soon-to-be-ready turnips!  Woohoo!!

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Ultimate Moist and Fluffy Butter Cake – The Giddy Tigress Way

After experimenting with various recipes and tips, I am pleased to announce that I have finally perfected the recipe for the ultimate moist and fluffy butter cake.  It is now my go-to recipe when I need a quick and easy cake that is guaranteed to satisfy and is loved by all.


Usually I’d bake the butter cake au naturel, i.e. plain yellow, but today I decided to tweak the recipe a little to turn it into a marble cake.  All I did was scoop up about half a cup of batter and mix in about a tablespoon of cocoa powder.  Then I layered the cocoa butter in the middle of the two yellow layers, and used a fork to swirl it around before baking.


This cake is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, weddings and yes, it complements that hot steaming cup of latte or cappucino too!  Best of all, it can be whipped up in a jiffy!

I’m going to share with you now my two secret tips to make this butter cake fluffy and moist:

  • The butter needs to come straight from the refrigerator.  NOT room temperature.  Take it out of that chiller and cut it into cubes.  Rough cubes will do, there’s no need to measure them all to be the same size.
  • Eggs need to be separated and the whites need to be whipped into stiff peaks.  I usually do this before I start mixing the batter, just so I have the egg whites ready to go when I need them.


You will still produce an edible serving of butter cake if you don’t follow the two tips above, but I cannot guarantee the moistness and fluffiness.


Ultimate Butter Cake – The Giddy Tigress Way


  • 250gm butter (straight from fridge, cubed).  Some bars of butter come in 227g.  You can use just one of those.  24g difference doesn’t make much of a difference, as my recipe is quite forgiving.
  • 200gm caster sugar
  • 250gm flour (self-raising) or if you don’t have self-raising flour, use 250gm all-purpose/plain flour + 3 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp salt
  • 4 eggs (separated)
  • 200g UHT/fresh milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Cream butter and sugar in stand mixer until fluffy.
  2. Add in egg yolks and mix until creamy.
  3. Add milk, vanilla and the flour mixture.  Mix until combined.
  4. Whip egg whites until you get stiff peaks. Fold in the cake mixture until incorporated.
  5. Pour into lined 9″ baking pan and bake at 170ºC or 335ºF for 40 mins or until set.
  6. Share some with me! :D


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