Why I Choose To Treat My Eczema “From Within”

Many people have inquired on the healing process of my hand eczema after I posted about my discovery of Izumio and Super Lutein, the natural health supplements that, dare I say, have changed my life forever.  Everyone wanted to know if it’s really true, do the supplements really work, is it safe?

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Izumio and Super Lutein can treat skin problems like eczema effectively, but anyone who choose to embark on this healing journey needs to have PATIENCE.

These are natural supplements with no added fillers, binders and whatnot, so the healing process will be gradual and could take months and months, depending on the severity of the condition.  They are most definitely safe, because its ingredients are the purest natural extracts from the best-sourced fruits and vegetables.  Not even organic produce can guarantee that.

So let me share my thoughts with you now…

I’m rejoicing at the fact that my kids don’t complain about how rough my hands are now.  I’m so happy that my hands and fingers are not covered in plasters and band-aids every single day.  I’ve stopped using any form of steroids for more than a year now, and it feels just wonderful to have that gunk and junk out of my body.  I’ve even culled antihistamines from my routine, because Izumio itself is a natural antihistamine.  When I can treat the itch with something as natural as water, why would I choose pills? As a side bonus, I’m happy that my immunity is so much stronger now, with better skin and hair.

To me, it’s definitely a win-win-win situation here!

Let me tell you though, that the healing journey has not been a smooth one.  Many people start on these supplements hoping to heal their conditions and ailments, and are left frustrated and defeated when they don’t see the results they want within a period of time.  Or some start off strong but doubt the efficacy when they go through healing crisis, which by the way, is only temporary and happens to most people who go on natural alternative treatments.

Here’s my story.  I started on Izumio and Super Lutein in December 2014 and for the first 4-5 months, I have had eczema flareups at least once a month.  The severity of each breakout lessened as time wore on though, but I did not once falter to apply steroids.  I held on and told myself that if I wanted to get better, I had to bear with it for just a little bit more.  It became really bad once when my skin cracked and bled and I had to apply Super Lutein extract all over my hands to soothe it.  But the healing process continued and I have come to realise that my left hand is healing faster than my right.

It has been 9 months now since I started, and for the past 5 months or so, I have not had a single flareup on my left hand.  It is almost as good as new, and I can see and feel the skin plump up now.  What used to be dry, fragile skin that would bleed at any slight impact, is now rosy and on the way to becoming as soft as new.  I joked with a friend that I could now get my palm read if I had wanted to!  They say a picture says a thousand words….check out my before and after pictures here.


My right hand, however, is taking a longer time to heal.  I attribute that to the fact that I must have used more steroids on that hand.  Nevertheless, I am well aware of the fact that the healing process is working on my right hand now.  There are some dry patches, but I can see it healing really well.


Bear in mind that my skin was very very fragile.  Steroids and more steroids made my skin almost immune to the effects of it, so much so that steroids did not heal my skin anymore, yet made it thinner and thinner.  I’m so happy that my skin is slowly but surely regaining its “life” back.

Furthermore, I am not the only one seeing good progress with Super Lutein and Izumio.  Here are some real life testimonials from real people who are none the happier.




So if you are in need of healing, or you know of a loved one who needs to heal naturally, effectively… come, let me hold you hand (figuratively) and let us fight those “bad guys” the safe and natural way, with absolutely no side effects.  I will not walk behind you and push you in any way you are not comfortable with, neither will I walk in front of you and leave you alone in your journey.  I will be right beside you, guiding and supporting you all the way.  Let’s treat the condition from within, and nourish our body so that it is strong and resilient enough to fight those foreign objects that affect our health and wellbeing.  Let’s treat the root cause rather than the symptoms.

Let me show you how.  You owe your body and health this much.  You owe yourself this chance, this opportunity.  Do it for yourself, if not for your family and loved ones.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

To find out more, call or text me via Whatsapp, Viber or Line at +6012-4179822, email me at giddytiger@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.

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Do You Believe the Mind is a Powerful Healer?

Have you heard the story of Mr Wright?  He was a gentleman diagnosed with an advanced cancer called lymphosarcoma, and his is a really good example of how powerful the mind can be, to the extent of controlling how the body heals or deteriorates.

I will quote Mr Wright’s story here, told so well in Lissa Rankin’s blog:

Mr. Wright

As reported by Bruno Klopfer in the Journal of Projective Techniques in 1957, Dr. West was treating Mr. Wright, who had an advanced cancer called lymphosarcoma. All treatments had failed, and time was running out. Mr. Wright’s neck, chest, abdomen, armpits, and groin were filled with tumors the size of oranges, his spleen and liver were enlarged, and his cancer was causing his chest to fill up with two quarts of milky fluid every day, which had to be drained in order for him to breathe. Dr. West didn’t expect him to last a week.

But Mr. Wright desperately wanted to live, and he hung his hope on a promising new drug called Krebiozen. He begged his doctor to treat him with the new drug, but the drug was only being offered in clinical trials to people who were believed to have at least three months left to live. Mr. Wright was too sick to qualify.

But Mr. Wright didn’t give up. Knowing the drug existed and believing the drug would be his miracle cure, he pestered his doc until Dr. West reluctantly gave in and injected him with Krebiozen on a Friday.

To his utter shock, the following Monday, Dr. West found his patient walking around out of bed. Mr. Wright’s “tumor masses had melted like snowballs on a hot stove” and were half their original size. Ten days after the first dose of Krebiozen, Mr. Wright left the hospital, apparently cancer free.

Mr. Wright was rockin’ and rollin,’ praising Krebiozen as a miracle drug for two months until the scientific literature began reporting that Krebiozen didn’t seem to be effective. Mr. Wright, who trusted what he read in the literature, fell into a deep depression, and his cancer came back.

This time, Dr. West, who genuinely wanted to help save his patient, decided to get sneaky. He told Mr. Wright—that some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping, making them less effective, but that he scored a new batch of highly concentrated, ultra-pure Krebiozen, which he could give him. (Of course, this was a bold-faced lie.)

Dr. West then injected Mr. Wright with nothing but distilled water. And a seemingly miraculous thing happened—again. The tumors melted away, the fluid in his chest disappeared, and Mr. Wright was feeling great again for another two months.

Then the American Medical Association blew it by announcing that a nationwide study of Krebiozen proved that the drug was utterly worthless. This time, Mr. Wright lost all faith in his treatment. His cancer came right back, and he died two days later.

Amazing how powerful the mind can be, huh?  It can either make you or break you…

positivity1© Viktor Hanacek

Then there is the story of Sally who suffered severe brain injury due to bullet shots, but her mind was strong enough to heal her body, even when her doctors said they could do nothing.  In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Brain, Linda Gabriel tells Sally’s story beautifully:

Something terrible happened to Sally a few years before we met.

A random intruder shot her and left her for dead.

A bullet lodged deep within her chest. Emergency responders rushed her to the operating room and  soon surgeons were struggling to control the bleeding in her collapsed lung.

At first no one saw the other wound.

Then an O.R. nurse  noticed a small pool of blood near Sally’s head. A portable x-ray revealed a second bullet had pierced her skull and destroyed a significant amount of Sally’s brain.

Emergency surgery saved her life, but Sally was now blind. Her brain’s speech center had been devastated, and her motor function was severely impaired. A large piece of her skull was gone.

Sally couldn’t see. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t walk.

However, after surgery, Sally soon regained consciousness. She couldn’t see or talk, but she could hear. So she was able to understand her neurosurgeon’s words when he stood at her hospital bedside and told her about the extent of her brain injury.

The news was devastating

The doctor explained that her brain was permanently damaged. Sally was toldshe would never see again; told she would have difficulty speaking for the rest of her life, told she would need to make arrangements for long-term nursing care and because  she had been recently widowed, she would need to find full-time childcare for her 2-year-old son.

That was the bad news. The good news?

Sally would be severley disabled, but she would survive.

Perhaps – with years of physical therapy – her doctors said she might be able to learn to walk again. But, no promises.

She couldn’t speak, but one thought echoed through Sally’s mind: NO.

Why am I telling you this sad story?

Because by the time we met, Sally could walk.

She could talk.

And she could see. 

In fact if you met Sally today, you would never guess that once upon a time, she had suffered permanent brain damage.

In case you’re doubting the seriousness of her brain injury, let me assure you Sally wasn’t exaggerating. The crime and subsequent trial had been big news in her part of the country. Before we met, I happened to read an in-depth article about the incident. Her recovery is nothing less than a medical miracle.

Yet Sally doesn’t consider herself special.

She’s not a motivational speaker. She hasn’t written a book or appeared on Oprah. She’s not famous; she’s a very private person, in fact ‘Sally’ isn’t her real name.

She’s a normal woman – a wife and mother who runs a thriving small business with her new husband. She’s not particularly religious – though she admits she’s a bit more spiritual now than before her injury.

The Power of the Positive No

One day I asked Sally what she thought might be the key to her miraculous recovery:

“That moment in the hospital when the doctor told me about my prognosis, I suddenly got very stubborn.  I had no reason to believe my own opinion more than his, but for some reason I simply refused to believe him.”

She smiled as she told me how she just mentally said, “No” to everything he said. “I wasn’t in denial, she explained, “I knew my situation was very serious, and I couldn’t speak, so he had no idea. But I just found myself mentally saying ‘no’  to everything he said with simple, calm conviction.”

“You’ll never see again.”


“You’ll always have problems speaking.”


“You may never walk again.”


Sally refused to accept her doctor’s description of her future. She cancelled the order.

Make it part of the dance.

Did I mention that before the injury, Sally had been a talented professional dancer?

She once told me that dancers have a rule:

“If you happen to stumble or make a mistake during a performance, a good dancer knows how to ‘make it part of the dance’ – and just keep on going.”

Sally made a decision to make her brain injury “part of the dance” of her life.

She’d stumbled but she chose to keep moving forward no matter what.

Sally took her physical therapy seriously. If she had a bad day, she remembered to ‘make it part of the dance.’ She worked hard to restore her ability to walk. She reclaimed her ability to talk. And somehow Sally found her own unique way to reconstruct her vision piece by piece. Today she sees well enough to read, drive, and look into the eyes of her son – without glasses.

Her doctors still can’t explain how she can do that.

I hope Sally’s story inspires you. If you’re dealing with a challenge such as a life-threatening illness or injury it’s helpful to remember that not everyone has the worst-case scenario your caregivers may be describing. Side effects of treatment don’t always occur. Your prognosis isn’t written in stone.

Perhaps you’ll follow Sally’s example and draw upon the power of your own mind to help yourself  – and maybe even heal yourself.

You are more than your body. Your mind is stronger than your brain.

When someone tells you something will be difficult or painful, they’re programming your subconscious. It’s like a hypnotic trance. This is especially true if it’s a doctor or other authority figure.

People who’ve been told to expect serious side effects often will suffer them, even when the “medicine” is a harmless sugar pill. Studies have proven this.

It’s called the nocebo effect – the opposite of the placebo effect.

For better or worse, the mind has the power to create real physical results, even when it involves the brain.

Think about that for a minute.

So the next time experts tell you how bad things are going to be, I invite you to let your subconscious know YOU have other plans.

I’m not telling you to avoid medical treatment. If you are having a health challenge, of course see a doctor and  follow her advice. You’re not saying no to the actual treatment.

But when experts tell you about bad things that may happen such as scars, pain, or negative side effects, I invite you to indulge in a harmless experiment and simply say a strong internal, NO!  

This isn’t an argumentative “No.”

It isn’t a fearful “No.”

It’s the same thing you might say to a waiter offering you a platter of some food you don’t like to eat – a polite, yet firm,

“No thank you.”

I invite you to welcome the healing effects of your treatment, but firmly reject the rest of the side effects.

The power of the mind is amazing. Take advantage of it.

So you see, the mind is indeed a very powerful thing.  Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Coincidentally, this is one of the quotes that has stuck with me through the years, and it is also one that my Mom kept repeating to me when I was young(er).


© Caroline Sada

When faced with a problem or a difficult situation, do you think of how you would celebrate when you solve it, or do you immediately think of all the bad things that could happen?

Do you tend to overthink things and visualize the worst there is to come?  Or do you always feel that the best is yet to come and an obstacle is always a stepping hurdle to success?

Do you feel that by expecting the worst it prepares you for whatever you are going to face, or do you find that the expectance of something bad that may or might not happen is hampering your focus to succeed in the task at hand?

I’d like to think of myself as a positive person, for I can almost always see the good in every kind of situation.  Of course, I am only human and I do sometimes think about that “What if…?” scenario, however the difference is that I do not wallow in it and create a fortress around me that engulfs me in that deep deep sorrowful state.

Now that I am in this life-saving mission of mine, I find that it is more important than ever to remember and be aware that the mind is indeed more powerful than we think.  True, I am sharing with my friends and loved ones these amazing natural health supplements, Izumio and Super Lutein, that have been proven scientifically and through tons of testimonials, that they effectively treat and heal all sorts of conditions and illnesses.  However, if the patient concerned does not believe his body can heal and does not command his mind to summon healing power on his body, not even the best treatment in the world will help.

It is so important to understand that, and I never fail to stress this to anyone I share the availability of these supplements with.

How powerful your mind is depends of course on only yourself, for you alone are capable of great things your mind perceives and conceives.  Don’t shoot down possibilities before they are impossible.  Surround yourself always with positivity, and think happy thoughts.  A happy mind makes a powerful one.

I’ll leave you with one last story, an inspiring one, about Stamatis Moraitis.  This is how happy endings are meant to be.  Lissa Rankin tells it well:

Stamatis Moraitis

Stamatis Moraitis was a Greek war veteran who was living in the United States when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and told he had only 9 months to live. He was offered aggressive treatment, but after 9 doctors apparently assured him that it wouldn’t save his life, he decided to save his money, decline treatment, and move with his wife back to his native Ikaria, a Greek island where he could be buried with his ancestors in a graveyard overlooking the Aegean Sea.

He and his wife moved into a small house on a vineyard with his elderly parents, where he reconnected with his faith and started going to his old church. When his friends got wind of the fact that Stamatis was back home, they showed up with bottles of wine, books, and board games to entertain him and keep him company. He planted vegetables in a garden, basked in sunshine, savored the salty air, and relished in his love for his wife.

Six months passed, and not only did he not die, he was actually feeling better than ever. He started working in the untended vineyard during the day, making himself useful, and in the evenings, he’d play dominos with friends. He took a lot of naps, rarely looked at a watch, and spent a lot of time outdoors. At one point, 25 years after his diagnosis, Stamatis went back to the United States to ask his doctors what had happened. Apparently, the doctors were all dead. Stamatis finally died this year in Ikaria. He was 102 years old.

positivity3© Leigh Kendell

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In Loving Memory of My Mother-In-Law

goodfight© Viktor Hanacek

My mother-in-law passed away last Thursday.  We all miss her but Jesus is keeping her safe now.  May her soul rest in peace.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out to us in prayers, comfort, support and condolences in our time of bereavement.

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Treating Cancer Naturally and Effectively with Carotenoids and Antioxidants

freefromcancer© Leland Davis

Cancer, or the Big C, as they call it, is so prevalent nowadays.  Almost everyone knows someone who has cancer and it is definitely not far-fetched to conclude that this debilitating disease has robbed cancer patients of a fulfilling, healthy life.  The negative effects of cancer, in many cases, has also spread to family, friends and loved ones.  It is even more heartbreaking when cancer affects the lives of children who have yet mastered the skills of caring for themselves.

If only there was a cure for cancer or if only there was a surefire way of beating this disease, the world would be a much happier place.  Unfortunately, not even doctors and medical professionals can guarantee a 100% success rate with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Also, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there are so many side effects that patients suffer from… and to make things worse, they suffer relapses of cancer thereafter.

carotenoid1© Viktor Hanacek

There are alternative cancer treatments, however, thank goodness.  More and more cancer patients are choosing the natural alternative route, which, unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, do not make the cancer patient weaker, but on the contrary, will give the cancer patient a “new lease of life” so to say.

Research and studies have shown and proven that carotenoids and antioxidants are very useful and effective in treating cancer.  Carotenoids can interfere with the growth of transformed and mutated cells, suggesting that they may be effective in the treatment of some cancers.  Antioxidants, on the other hand, stop the proliferation of free radicals in our bodies.  Free radicals are what causes diseases in the first place, and they are the reason why cells mutate into cancerous ones.

As you are well aware, I am a strong believer in natural healing and would choose that first and foremost before administering medicines and drugs.  My conviction of the potency and effectiveness of carotenoids and antioxidants in cancer treatment was further strengthened when I read stories and testimonials of cancer patients who now call themselves cancer survivors, because they made the choice to seek natural alternatives in the form of carotenoids and antioxidants supplements.

On that note, I know of no better natural health supplements than the potent combination of Izumio hydrogenated water and Super Lutein carotenoid capsules. Izumio water is quite simply water with a very high concentration of hydrogen pumped into it, making it a powerful antioxidant at 2.6ppm  (ppm = parts per million).  Super Lutein are capsules which contain 6 important carotenoids, most of which are essential to treat and prevent cancer, and 5 essential nutrients.  You can read more about Super Lutein and Izumio here.

The following testimonial was one which I am so happy to read and to share.  It shows how perseverance results in positive healing and improvement. Prostate-Cancer-testimonial I have been reading extensively on cancer prevention and treatment and many independent studies and results have had positive things to say about the use of antioxidants and carotenoids in cancer prevention and treatment.

Antioxidant compounds can decrease mutagenesis, and thus carcinogenesis, both by decreasing oxidative damage of DNA and by decreasing oxidant-stimulated cell division (Source: Role of Dietary Antioxidants in Cancer).

Major carotenoids with antioxidant activity that have been extensively evaluated with regard to their cancer chemopreventive ability include ß-carotenes, ß-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin (Source: Cancer Chemoprevention by Carotenoids)

These are just some of the examples of reports of how antioxidants and carotenoids can help with cancer treatment.  If you just google “carotenoids and cancer” or “antioxidants and cancer”, I’m sure you will find plenty more.

Why choose Super Lutein and Izumio then, and not other supplements?  These are superior supplements with proven track records and with cancer, with life at risk, we would certainly want to put our trust and hope in products which are proven for its efficacy and reliability.

carotenoid2© Geoffrey Whiteway

See for yourself….

History and Certification

Super Lutein was first produced in Japan and marketed as a designer eye supplement to help treat Japan’s ageing nation’s eye problems.  Eye diseases and illnesses are the first signs of ageing and Japan, being a health conscious nation, produced this product.  However, the people of Japan then discovered something beyond their wildest dreams… that Super Lutein was not only a super supplement for the eyes but that it also healed the entire body!

From then on, Super Lutein became the natural alternative treatment for cancer in Japan. Izumio and Super Lutein are endorsed as Japan’s number one cancer prevention supplement. Clinical trials have been done to show results that those who consume sufficient dosage of Izumio and Super Lutein will not get cancer.

The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine of Adult Diseases (JAPA) which comprises more than 6,600 Doctors is a prestigious organisation in Japan affiliated with the Japanese Association of Doctors and the Olympic Medical Committee amongst others, who have strict guidelines on certification of products sent to them annually for approvals. Easily 20-30 thousand products get submitted each year, yet only 20 make it out alive. The strict criteria for product approval from JAPA include:

  1. The raw ingredients in the product has to be pure and natural with the highest quality of origin, with no side effects on the human body. For example, the Lutein in Super Lutein are from the best source in the world from America’s Marigold flowers and are US FDA approved and GRAS approved as a safe product. Similarly, the blueberries and blackcurrants, and all other ingredients in Super Lutein are also extracted from the best sources around the world.
  2. The products are free from animal testing and must be human tested for a minimum of 6 continuous months to detect any side effects.
  3. The products need a further 6 months of testing on humans to confirm that the product actually does what it claims to do. In the case of Super Lutein, it is preventing cancer and chronic diseases. This test is what separates Super Lutein from the rest because most just drop out at this stage, whereas Super Lutein passed the test with flying colours.
  4. The company must not be in any debt, disputes and must be able to guarantee the quality of the product and the high quality and security of the entire manufacturing process. Super Lutein also has ISO9001 and GMP certifications which have been tested for microbial inspection of all raw materials.

It is for all these reasons that Super Lutein is indeed a superior supplement which has helped many a cancer patient and many a patient with chronic diseases which medical professionals deemed “untreatable”.  Even as I am writing this, I can assure you that there are so many cancer patients out there whose lives have been transformed for the better when they chose to treat cancer with Super Lutein and Izumio.

I am yet again reminded of a story I heard this week of a woman battling a progressive cancer which had attacked her brain, lungs, muscles, bones and uterus.  After just 3 months of consumption of Super Lutein and Izumio, she has been given a lease of life and hope and now she is able to walk again.  Her spirits have never been lifted so high up and her quality of life is that much better.

So you see, even for terminal cancer patients, these are products that can help save lives, if not offer them better life quality and ease the effects of chemotherapy.

My message today for all is that there is hope.  There is always HOPE.  And it is up to us to seize it and make full use of it.

hope© Aaron Burden

Have a blessed holiday and stay safe everyone!  ♥

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The Le Creuset Lifetime Guarantee – Fact or Fiction?

A little more than a month ago, I discovered, to my utter dismay and shock, that the inner enamel base of one of Le Creuset French ovens, had a big gaping chip!  I had no idea how it happened because I only discovered it while I was washing up after dinner.


I was totally devastated.  Not only was it my most frequently used one, because of the perfect size for my family when I cook stews and sauces and soups, but it was a piece of kitchenware that I had grown so fond of.  The big crack opened up to show the iron portion beneath and it was totally unusable for it will only begin to rust.


I know that Le Creuset offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, but I wasn’t too hopeful on how the Le Creuset guarantee would work in Malaysia, even more so because my Le Creuset kitchenware was purchased in the United States.  Nevertheless, I had to give it a try and decided to call the Le Creuset office in Kuala Lumpur to inquire how I could pursue a claim.

The customer representative informed me that I had to send the damaged item in for inspection by the Quality Control team, and after about 5-7 days, if they deem the damage is caused by a manufacturing defect, then they will arrange for a replacement.  I then asked what if it cannot be replaced, can they repair it for me?  She told me the Malaysian branch does not handle repairs and we have to send it to France, which will cost a fortune!

There was also no Le Creuset branch in Penang, so I had no choice but to ship it to KL.  After all, I could not use the pot at all, so I might as well send it in and hope for a replacement and honoring of the Le Creuset guarantee.

After about 2 weeks, someone called me to let me know that the inspection was completed.  However, before I was told that a replacement would be given, I was asked several questions like how often I use the pot and for what reason, etc. Apparently the inspection tests had shown that the enamel layer had also minute cracks that could not be seen by the naked eye.

Long story short, the lady told me she would give me a replacement, but may not be able to obtain the same color as my pot.  The colors they would be able to give are dependent on their stock, and so a week later, someone else contacted me to let me know that I had a choice of these 3 colors:

  • Volcano (an orangey hue)
  • Kiwi (lime green)
  • Cherry (red)

Before we purchased the set in blue a couple of years ago, my husband had indicated he liked the orange Le Creuset, but since the Cobalt Blue was the only color on clearance, we decided on that instead.  So now, it was a no-brainer that our choice is the Volcano pot.

Next came another problem.  Le Creuset KL WILL NOT ship the pot to Penang. Not even if I paid them to do it!  What??!!  That’s totally ridiculous!  Apparently it’s not their company policy.

Well whatever.  They can’t expect to have customers only in Klang Valley, yes?

So in the end, I arranged for my own forwarder to pick up the said item from their store and bring it to me in Penang.  This part was smooth, and after all the drama, I now have a new Le Creuset pot in a glorious orangey hue.  Ain’t she a beauty?


Because this is so different from the color I currently have on my other Le Creuset items, it will now be treated as a focal piece in my kitchen instead.  Love it!! xx

Coincidentally, this incident happened around the same time my girlfriends and I were discussing whether it is worthwhile to invest in a Le Creuset, as opposed to other cast iron cookware from other brands, which are more reasonably priced.  I’ve only argued on and defended Le Creuset based on the taste of food, which is definitely more superior compared to using just a plain pot or slow cooker, but now it is clear to see that paying premium for a set of Le Creuset kitchenware or even just a Le Creuset French Oven is worth every penny.  We are paying for satisfaction and reassurance, and a heritage we can pass on to our future generations.  (The only thing Le Creuset Malaysia could improve on is their shipping options.  They currently do not ship outside of Kuala Lumpur and I had to arrange for my own forwarder to pick up the item to ship it back to me, at my own expense.)


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