Learning Mandarin at Home

I can’t believe I got hooked AGAIN.

For years, I have been able to successfully avoid getting Chinese-serial-hooked and NOW it has happened again. And it’s not even the conventional Cantonese Wah Lai Toi serials I’m referring to. It all started when we let Ethan watch the closing credits song of the Hokkien drama serial on AEC at about 7-ish pm. The TV was still on after that, and I got hooked onto Love Concierge, a Mandarin drama serial produced in Singapore. Hey, I can’t speak and understand Mandarin to save my life, okay? So thank goodness for subtitles… Malay ones, but it really helped me understand the show.

What can I say? Maybe it’s the premise of the show based around wedding planning which I like, or maybe it’s cos I am deprived of Chinese TV serials.

Anyway you look at it… I am hooked.

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