Tag from the King

Why is this post titled “Tag from the King”? That’s cos the King of Memes in Simple America has tagged me.  And I’m afraid that if I don’t do it, he might revoke my newly-earned tricolor ribbon…hehe….so anyways, this is a copy and paste tag.  Easy-peasy…. here goes…


1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the List and include a link to the blog that referred you to the List.
2) COPY the ENTIRE List below and add it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can be accessible for (?), go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blogs.
3) Take the ‘My Adds’ and move them into the ‘The Originals’ list.
4) Tag 3 Brand New Narcissistic Bloggers that you know of, to a new ‘My Adds’.

Them who be tagged before:

The Originals

Bernard Chan
Giddy Tiger
Jessie Ling

simple american

Paris Beaverbanks
Albie Wong

Samantha Yeap
Chan Eileen
Chan Lilian
Liew CF

Andrew Wee
Hong Kiat
Gary Lee
Ed Lau
John Chow dot Com

Nate Whitehill
Stephen Fung
Michael Kwan
Jeff Kee
Stuart Hannig

Hannes Johnson
Nathan Drach
Saman Sadeghi
Bob Buskirk

Jon Waraas
David Lithman
Matt Blancarte
Ryan Parker
Josh Buckley

Matt Coddington
Brice Wong
Leo Chiang
Tyler Ingram
Ah Boon


Them who be tagged today:

My Adds:

The Music Inside Me Today
Geek’s Corner

Yup, I think that’s it.  I’m too full from today’s lunch (more on that later) to do much blogging now….. 😛

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4 Responses to Tag from the King

  1. Okie dokie, thanks for the tag. Btw, I very kpc blog hop one, how come never stumble on your blog? Heh heh

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hmmmm…aka Immomsdaughter right? Dunno why you never stumbled on my blogs… I musta been keeping a low profile kuah…

  2. azrin says:

    So what’s this tag all about? I think I should ask you to do the counter saman eh???

    Hmmmn….I’ll give this a miss cos it has no objective and no fun in just click-copy-paste. Sure kena kan by the Googlebot for spamming if I do. Unlike the last one I did, at least there ARE original content in the linky.

    azrin @ http://www.azrin.net/?p=421

    That is the updated copy of my Evil Travel Tag. Update yr copy please..

  3. jazzmint says:

    hi i’m new here :). u tag alot ehh

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hi there….actually I tag because I GOT tagged 😉 Welcome!!

  4. The King sez thank you. LOL!!!

    The Giddy Tiger says: You’re most welcome.

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