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I live on retail therapy 🙂 What woman doesn’t? In fact, in addition to shopping in malls, in the past year or two, I’ve taken quite a fancy to shopping online too. Actually come to think of it, most of the baby stuff that Ethan uses (car seat, high chair, stroller, breast pump etc) were bought online. I would scour the internet for the best deals for that particular product and then place an online order. Easy-peasy, without the hassle of braving the traffic.

I think I must have visited countless baby sites online in the process of shopping for baby gear. One of the baby shops that struck my fancy was Dreamtime Baby, which carried almost everything under the sun relating to babies and kiddies at surprisingly reasonable prices. The great thing about Dreamtime Baby purchases are that they are tax-free for purchases outside of the state of Nevada. In addition, one would be able to get additional discounts on purchases made with online coupons, obtainable from For instance, currently there are Dreamtime Baby coupons available for free shipping and free toys, and as these get updated regularly, the online shopper can check for the latest coupons available too.

For the smart online shopper, I highly recommend Coupon Chief for the best in online bargains. I know I’m going there the next time I do my shopping online.

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  1. kc26 says:

    Thanks for the tips.. on online coupons..
    Currently looking for car seat online for my baby
    BUT, just wondering, you r do online shopping in malaysia or in the States?
    Many baby stuff want to buy.. but NO shipping to Malaysia in all of the baby website (like…
    You have any way for us to shop online & then ship to Malaysia…?

    The Giddy Tiger says: I shop online both in Malaysia and in the States. When I buy stuff from online stores in the US, I ship them to a friend’s US address, and my friend will ship it back for me when she returns from her business trip. Some US sites allow you to ship to Malaysia but the shipping and taxes amount to a LOT. Hope this helps!

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