Shampooing Doggie

My hubby and I are dog lovers, and we hope to keep dogs someday when we move into a landed property (soon, I hope!).  We are currently staying in a condo, where pets are not allowed.  I’m hoping to get a beagle and a golden retriever….okay, and maybe a chocolate labrador 🙂

However, my primary concern when we have dogs would be keeping the house free from dust and allergens since dog fur is an attractant for fleas and ticks.  It is even more important for us as we have a child and I read that kids are not to be exposed to pet fur till they are at least 3 years of age.  Furthermore, I have a history of asthma as a child and although I am cured now, there’s no point risking having another attack.

Now, we need fear no more, as Allersearch Laboratories has recently produced a Allersearch Pet +, an anti-allergen pet shampoo which neutralizes environmental allergens while removing animal dander, destroying animal odors and protecting from fleas and ticks.  It is very mild and consists of plant and root extracts, thus it washes our easily and is pH balanced to protect your animal’s skin.  This would be what we need, WHEN we eventually get our dog(s). 🙂  Another cool thing about this product is that it is tearless, so your dog will not experience burning eyes.

Allersearch Pet + is not sold in pet stores, but you can get it online and from catalog distributors.  To get a head-start on obtaining beautiful, healthy fur for your dog, which is safe yet protective, get more info here about this excellent product.

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