Attracting a Blog Audience

When I first started blogging, I have been cracking my head as to how to attract an audience to my blog.  A good audience who would be able to appreciate what I have to say and who can contribute to the interest I hope my blog can generate.  There’s no point in starting and maintaining a blog with no one visiting it, right?  Having posted a blog entry and putting my heart and soul into it and finding that there are no comments on it is akin to speaking to a wall, i.e. no response whatsoever.

In my quest to building and maintaining a blog audience, I stumbled on this fabulous article from the SponsoredReviews blog: 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience.  This article very intelligently sums up all you need to know in order to generate an audience and most importantly, to get your blog audience listening!  For a blogging newbie like myself, this article has fantastic tips which are obvious, yet sometimes elude us.  In my opinion, the two most important tips are to have a well-designed blog which is legible and is not an eyesore and also to listen to your audience.  After all, if you cater to what your audience wants, you definitely will not go wrong, will you?

The article details a valuable tip about enabling comments on your blog, however another tip which I have found to be most useful is to start commenting on other blogs, especially blogs which are relevant to your own.  This would trigger the audiences from another blog to check out your blog and find out what you are offering.  However, do leave meaningful comments which are substantially eye-catching enough to attract the attention of blog readers.  This would go a long way in maintaining your credibility in the blogosphere.

And if all else fails, one can also promote oneself by paying another blogger to write about you!  In fact, you could build a good readership by spending just a couple of bucks!  With you can actually create your very own public profile page to let the world know about your blog; a form of self blog-advertising I would say!  This public profile page is unique for each blog you own and is yours to customize and describe, for example, my blog’s public profile page looks like this.  Who knows, someone might check out your profile and ask you to review their blog for them too!

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  1. I like this post. And really believe a lot of it. Not willing to pay for a review thought. But I think I have been lucky too. And that helps. Meet the right bloggers and people will come and see who is visiting the interesting blogs.

    The Giddy Tiger says: I think it’s a 2-way scenario. I found many interesting blogs from your commentors too!

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