67% Un-telligent

Some years ago, my ex-coworker and I took a few fun tests from this website.  I recently googled for it again and today, I finally took one of the tests.  It’s the Un-telligence Test, but despite its similarity in name to the word Intelligence, Un-telligence is not a measure of one’s intelligence.  Instead it is a measure of one’s ability to reason in tough situations.  Check it out here and also my level of un-telligence below:

The results are in! You are…

67% Untelligent!

Your score is close to the current worldwide average of 63%.

Your score is unique, however, so keep reading.

Score Breakdown…

Sense of Humor 
Violent Tendencies 
Observational Skills 

Here is the custom report of your personality than led our team of geeks to conclude (with confidence) that you are a moderate but excitingly differentgraph.xcf woman:

The subject shows an astounding level of intelligence, and her sense of observation is one of her best qualities. Considering this, she shows a lot of potential, but that’s only part of the equation.

Also, as much as we hate violence, an occasional mauling is one way to solve day-to-day problems like unpleasant coworkers or pesky door-to-door salesmen. She just isn’t tough enough, sir, and avoids any situation that involves violence.

Finally, the subject displayed a pathetic and useless (seriously bad) sense of humor, a nearly satanic lack of morality, and a complete lack of self-confidence. The balance of these three traits is important; high levels of confidence, medium levels of morality, and a good level of humor make for the strongest individuals.

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5 Responses to 67% Un-telligent

  1. Peter says:

    Wah, this is scary: “a nearly satanic lack of morality” when in tough situations eh? I dare not take the test loh…scared I will be satan himself! LOL!

    Your giddy missus says: So you don’t wanna mess with me, yeah? 😛

  2. huisia says:

    hehe…women always good in observation.

    The Giddy Tiger says: I agree..that’s why we have “women’s instinct” 😉

  3. LB says:

    Hey, that’s not too bad at all… Not that I am gonna subject myself to the test though. I have a fear of needles and pumps and those evil looking pliers… Go, MANCHESTER UNITED!! sorry, couldn’t resist..

    The Giddy Tiger says: No needles and prickly stuff, I promise!

  4. Some how I doubt this is you all the way. The morality seems very skewed and you being a Christian woman I don’t buy that a bit.

    The intelligence bit has to be true though. You have impressed me at least with your ability to research. I’m still fainting from your high test score. You must have a super memory that does not forget a thing.

    The Giddy Tiger says: The tests this site hosts is peculiarly strange somewhat, question-wise. It *forces* you to answer some of the questions, if you know what I mean. Glad to know that you know I don’t fall along those lines of morality… hehe…

  5. shooi says:

    I did the test and I got exactly the same custom report for you though the bar charts are different.

    Makes me wonder about the “accuracy” of this test.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hmmm….maybe we are both equally un-telligent? 😉

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