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My Phone is Sexy

Well, after almost 3 weeks of exploration and discovery on my new Nokia N73, I’m confident enough to give a review. Do bear in mind that I am not a techie person when it comes to phones, so my review … Continue reading

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I want a Beagle, please…

There is a wide open field near where I stay where dogs are being taken for walks, especially in the mornings and evenings.  And whenever we drive past this field, I would keep an eye out for that beagle.  Yes, there’s … Continue reading

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Can You Believe It?

(L-R) Miss Venezuela, Korea, Brazil, USA, Japan I can’t believe I missed the first hour or so of the Miss Universe 2007 pageant last night. I can’t believe I only started watching it when the evening gown competition for the … Continue reading

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The Tooth which is Blue

Last weekend, a week after we bought our new cell phones, this ad appeared in the papers: I could hardly believe my eyes! Very simply put, I had apparently missed out on getting a free Nokia Bluetooth set which was … Continue reading

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We Fly Your Loved Ones Home

Whenever I am behind the wheel, I am always wary and on full alert if there are any ambulances coming up behind me.  Once I hear the sirens wailing, I will immediately move to the side of the road to … Continue reading

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