Auctioning with a Twist

I’ve never attended an auction before but I’ve witnessed how it works on TV and in shopping malls.  Highest price wins right?  So the more money you have, the more likelihood you are of getting that piece of furniture or jewellery being auctioned.  So I was incredibly amazed when I discovered a site that did the reverse of this.  At bid4prizes, the lowest UNIQUE bid wins!  Finally!  A chance for me to get that beemer or the vacation I’ve always wanted, at a fraction of the cost!  The trick of course, is to bid the lowest possible price and it has to be a unique one too!  Hmmmm…..If I were to play, I would choose a price which is in the mid-range because I would guess that most people would bid a really really low price.  Not too high a price, because remember, the LOWEST UNIQUE bid wins!  Think about it, I could be driving off in a beemer for just a hundred bucks or less!  Wouldn’t that be sweet?  Don’t you wish you could be one of the winners?

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  1. rinnah says:

    I want a beemer too! *gets ready to outbid giddy tiger* Teeheehee!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Oh no… what price you bidding for? *preparing to bid at one cent lower* 😛

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