Goodbye to My Recipe Book

One of my resolutions for the year 2007 is to cook more often at home.  My hubby and son love my homecooked meals and I in turn enjoy cooking.  The problem is time…or rather, the lack thereof.  Nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to experiment with many different recipes, most of which I obtained from my Mom, who is an excellent cook.  I do like to try cooking new things all the time, just for variety and well, I do get “cook’s block” sometimes, i.e. I don’t know what to cook.  But now I’m so glad that with the advancement in technology, I can obtain free recipes at the click of a mouse!  It’s so easy to search for that elusive cheese cake recipe, or even a spectacular enchilada meal here.  What’s more, I can even share my recipes with other users in the community, review recipes and even have my own private Recipe Box containing all my favorite recipes.  This truly is a dream come true for all chefs and chef-wannabes worldwide. 

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