Purify the Air

Since my hubby and I are allergic to dust, we don’t use a broom to sweep at home.  Instead we opt for a vacuum cleaner.  But the thing is, the vacuum cleaner which we are using now is really really old.  We’ve had it for about 10 years now and surprisingly it is still workable.  My only grouse is that it is really noisy and I would really love to own a vacuum cleaner which does the job well in a silent manner.  That way, I can vacuum while baby is asleep without worrying about waking him up.  And since hubby and I are also very particular about keeping our house dust-free, I’ll add an air purifier and humidifier to that wish list of mine.  To be exact, I want mine to be one of these Air-O-Swiss humidifiers.  Here’s hoping my wish comes true!

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