Bottomless Twice

We’re becoming Nando’s addicts all over again.  The addiction died off somewhat a few months back, but all of a sudden, something is inanely drawing us there.  Call it crazy but we actually had lunch at Nando’s two days in a row.  Saturday at Gurney’s and Sunday at Queensbay.  That’s double the peri-peri fun and double the bottomless experience.  Yes, Nando’s is the latest establishment that has jumped on the bandwagon of restaurants offering bottomless drinks, like TGIFriday’s, Chilli’s and all other Japanese restaurants….no wait, that’s green tea, but still free flowing what… I had to order the chicken in Lemon & Herb flavor because I was sharing it with Ethan.

When we were at Nando’s @ Gurney Plaza, I inquired if there were any special promotions for Jusco card members.  I used to be entitled to a free helping of Peri Chips with my Jusco card before.  Goody….The waitress informed us that with the Jusco card, we were now able to get a chocolate mud pie for free!  I really LURVE the chocolate mud pie at Nando’s.  Warm and moist chocolate cake, served with a scoop of chilled vanilla ice cream and drizzled with yummy and sinfully sweet chocolate syrup.  Every bite was so heavenly and had me wanting more.

So when we were at Nando’s @ Queensbay Mall, I thought we would get another helping of the chocolate mud pie.  Unfortunately, the waiter told us the offer had not begun.  He would not even give it to us when we informed him that the branch at Gurney had given us the dessert just the day before.  Hmmmph…!!!  Hope we’ll still be able to get it in Gurney Plaza when we go there the next time!

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8 Responses to Bottomless Twice

  1. Gallivanter says:

    Chocolate mud pie had me drooling! Arrghh! I didn’t know have them!

    The Giddy Tiger says: It’s a must try, Gallivanter! 😀

  2. rinnah says:

    How can the promotion be valid at one place and not at another? That’s too mean of them… Maybe the waiter wanted to keep the chocolate mud pie for himself. *grin*

    That picture of the mud pie looks just… yum. *slurp*

    The Giddy Tiger says: If they had it in Queensbay (where Jusco is), they will run out of mudpies cos everyone is a Jusco card member! 😛 Still, I agree with you that they ought to standardize amongst the branches.

  3. may says:

    and here where it’s the authentic Nandos, I crave for it once in awhile too! must be the tangy peri-peri sauce. absolute yum. don’t think they serve such nice chocolate mud pies here though.

    The Giddy Tiger says: I didn’t know that Nando’s originated from OZ-land. I thought it was from Portugal!

  4. king's wife says:

    Oh, I must remember the choc mud pie next time. Never tried it there before.

    The Giddy Tiger says: You should. I’m sure you’d love it.

  5. chinnee says:

    Nando also my favourite among all grilled chickens restaurant. Din know got freebies one wor…haha…next time must ask liao.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Kiasu people like me always ask for freebies and promos, what with all the various cards I own 😛

  6. Pinkelle says:

    Wah good promo with the J card! The only promo we had here was a free jug of soft drink with every order of a family platter. Gimme the mud pie anyday! :p

    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    The Giddy Tiger says: I think the told me that was the promo before..I guess they did away with that one when they introduced the bottomless drinks.

  7. Angie says:

    The chocolate mud pie looks so yummy… anytime better than chips! Airport gives for purchases over RM30 for FTZ employess..

    The Giddy Tiger says: I didn’t know the airport branch has that promo. Must go there one of these lunch weekdays…

  8. miche says:

    i went for nandos when i want to eat spicy chicken…have not been there for quite sometime…the mud pie is sure tempting me to drop in nandos soon. 😀

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yeah, go and try that mud pie. You won’t regret it, I tell ya.

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