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Bottomless Twice

We’re becoming Nando’s addicts all over again.  The addiction died off somewhat a few months back, but all of a sudden, something is inanely drawing us there.  Call it crazy but we actually had lunch at Nando’s two days in … Continue reading

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Reigniting My Passion

I know I should resurrect my love for reading all over again. I love reading. I just do. But nowadays, there is simply no time for me to just sit down, relax with a cup of hot chocolate and read. … Continue reading

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Gasp, Gape & Grab at The Gap

The days of having to content with odd looking pieces of GAP clothing from F.O.S. (Factory Outlet Store) and The Reject Shop are finally over! The Gap has come to our shores and has opened its first store in Malaysia* … Continue reading

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Insure Your Health

Nowadays, I find myself exposed to so many different types of insurance, I am spoilt for choice.  Life insurance, health insurance and even insurance policies catering specifically for women.  I do not doubt the necessity of insurance but before I actually … Continue reading

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I Finally Get Paid!

Great news to start off the weekend!  The MAJOR PayPal glitch that has been haunting every Malaysian (well, almost everyone!) has been FIXED!  Hui Sia, my trusted bearer of good news, shared this piece of information with me just a little while … Continue reading

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