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Lunchtime at the P.O.

A couple of days ago, hubbs and I suddenly realized our water bill was due the next day. The problem with the water bill is that we can’t pay it online so even though the amount is not even RM10, … Continue reading

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Try Again

‘Cos if at first you don’t succeed…. Pick yourself up and try again You can dust if off and try again, try again….. Those are the lyrics from the late Aaliyah’s song Try Again, that I try to keep in … Continue reading

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Slam, Bam and Wham!

When I first got my driver’s license, I was obviously excited by the prospect of taking the car out for a spin. What could be more liberating than being behind the wheel, knowing fully well that I am in total … Continue reading

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Pining for the Silver Lining

Is the silver lining a mere cliché or is there indeed really one somewhere out there? Because all I see now are dark, dark clouds that are slowly but menacingly rearing their ugly claws all around me. Waiting for that … Continue reading

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An Interesting Story….or is it?

Some bloggers blog for money But all bloggers blog for popularity! Isn’t that absolutely true? So how does one gauge the popularity of a blog? When I started blogging about a year or so ago, opening up my blog for … Continue reading

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