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Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week for Christians everywhere. Holy Week will culminate with Easter Sunday, when we will all celebrate the joyous resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. At church yesterday, all the parishioners … Continue reading

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Stretch, tone, exercise me

What’s really long, purple, stretchy and gives me a well-toned body? No, it’s not Ethan…don’t worry, I have not gone totally bonkers. It’s the purple elastic thingy he is playing with. Ever since I weaned Ethan off from the breast, … Continue reading

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Never ever forget the day

Finally, after weeks of campaigning with posters, billboards and ceramahs in abundance, the 12th Malaysian General Election culminated in results which truly echoed the sentiments of the rakyat. Indeed they have spoken, and the ruling coalition party, who has been … Continue reading

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X marks on the lormaikai

Here’s wishing LB the very happiest birthday today!  May you have all the lormaikais you have ever hoped for and all the Canning Garden chee cheong fun you ever wanted…sorry, I don’t have a picture of the ccf though.  Never … Continue reading

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Insuring & peace of mind

I am amazed that up till today, insurance is still considered a taboo topic for some people.  In the days of yore, people shunned insurance because it dealt with death, which was not a welcome topic of discussion for many … Continue reading

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