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Cravings, ravings and such

It has never been my practice to “eat for two” when I am pregnant, but I tend to get hungry quicker now, which (I think) is my body’s way of telling me to eat when I do.  Maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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Guide to a good nite’s rest

We miss our king-sized mattress back home in Penang.  In the US, we are provided with two beds, yes…but both the beds come with only queen-sized mattresses.  With a toddler that can sleep in all forms of acrobatic manners all … Continue reading

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When will I eat you again?

Ahhhh…..YES. One of the very first items my hubby and I bought when we first stepped into the supermarket here is the Häagen-Dazs ice cream.  They come in tubs of 1 quart each.  For those who are imperial-system-challenged, 1 quart … Continue reading

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The assam, the laksa & …?

My immense craving for assam laksa led me on a wondrous culinary adventure last Sunday.  I had all the ingredients necessary and I figured it was a good tea-time treat for my hubby and I.  Of course I didn’t have … Continue reading

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In loving memory always

Last Friday while I was at work, I logged in to check on my gmail account after lunch.  The latest email I received was from Mom, all the way from Malaysia.  It bore sad news that my Porpor had just passed away.  … Continue reading

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