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An award with 10 things!

  Credits Elegant word art (tag) from Bethany Flutter Friday Freebie Paper 1 from Karen Lewis Designs of Digital Freebies I received Cute’s Blogger Award from Wen recently, and well, it didn’t exactly require me to dress up to the nines and … Continue reading

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Sixth one..or so you think!

It has been awhile since I had been tagged, or so it seems…I can’t even remember the last tag or meme I did.  Anyway, this is an easy-peasy one, and comes courtesy of Angeline, so I’m just gonna do it … Continue reading

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Dreamily dreaming away

I read somewhere that pregnant women have the strangest of dreams.  I am not sure if it is the pregnancy that is causing these dreams or if it is just that pregnancy gives the pregnant woman the uncanny ability to remember … Continue reading

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The pinks and the oranges

Without a warning of any kind, I suddenly realized that beautiful cherry blossoms were in full bloom everywhere! With the weather still kinda erratic, sometimes warm and sometimes chilly, watching these beautiful pink blooms proudly displaying their colors was indeed … Continue reading

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Tick tock I hear the clock

  Credits Word Art (A Moment Like This) from Dirty Feet Designs aka Heather Benson Today, the people from our relocation services finally arranged for the baby-related items we had requested to be delivered to our apartment.  We requested for essentials … Continue reading

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