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The crowd and the crowded

  This was the very long queue outside the Coach factory outlet on the Saturday of last weekend’s memorial day sale. This is what happens when you move around a crowded Coach outlet pushing a stroller and at the same … Continue reading

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A lil’ bitty stitch at a time

Yesterday afternoon, the door bell went “ding dong” and when I answered the door, I found a brown parcel addressed to me placed in front of the door.  On it were the words “Fragile.  Do Not Bend”.  I’d already knew what … Continue reading

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Oops! It’s the error again

  Why is it so hard to access my blogs?  Is anyone facing the same problem? I am getting these error messages so frequently, it is increasingly frustrating even to just moderate my comments or login to publish a post.  … Continue reading

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I’m hangin’ in there, babe

  I found 10 minutes yesterday evening and managed to flip through an adorable little book which my good gal pal Audrey presented to me recently (thanks Aud!).  It’s called The Wit and Wisdom of Mothers.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful … Continue reading

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My colorful, magical beans

Look ma, these are my magic beans!!   I got these from Safeway upon the recommendation from my son’s daycaregiver.  The beans are labeled “12 beans for soup”.  Don’t they look colorful?   Boiled them in the pot for a … Continue reading

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