Something in the Fear Factor league?


Contrary to what you might think, these are NOT cherry tomatoes.  I served these for dinner last week and nobody knew what they were.

When I bought my free range chicken earlier that morning, the poultry lady asked me if I wanted the *unhatched* eggs they had found in the chicken.  Apparently that particular free range chicken was just about ready to lay eggs, and these orangey things were the eggs.  The poultry lady told me to just steam them and eat, which I did.

They actually taste quite good, smoother than egg yolks.  And they go really well with steamed rice.

Question is: would YOU eat them?

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2 Responses to Something in the Fear Factor league?

  1. ZC says:

    May i know where you normally buy the free range chicken?

    The Giddy Tigress says: At the wet market.

  2. zmm says:

    Ewww.. I won’t eat them.

    I see these being sold to chicken buyers at the market for a very very cheap price.. but I won’t eat them.

    The Giddy Tigress says: They’re not too bad, though. And it’s not like we’re eating them raw.

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