The World Cup is all different now…

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…and I’m not even referring to the fact that my beloved France is out of the competition.  Monsieur Domenech team’s clearly needs a HUGE change…but let’s not get into that, shall we?

We’re now heading towards the end of the 3rd round of 16 matches, and guess what…I haven’t even sat down to watch an ENTIRE match live.  No kidding.

Yup, things have definitely changed in more ways than one.

  1. Matches at 7p.m. are not conducive for watching because it coincides with my dinner time.  We like to keep the TV switched off as far as possible during dinner so as not to encourage having TV dinners.  But we sometimes relent, just like the other day when there were 3 or 4 goals scored by Portugal during our dinner.
  2. It’s hard to watch the 10p.m. matches too, because most of the time, I only get to take a shower after the kids are in bed around 10p.m.  After that, there is some washing up to do and preparation for the next day.  By the time all is done, it’s already sometime into the second half.  I only rush to watch the repeat of goals if I hear the commentator scream, “Goaaaaalll!!!!!!”
  3. Let’s not start on the 2:30a.m. matches.  Many a time, I have told myself I will wake up to watch, but that has never happened.  Oh wait, I did wake up for that England match and watched it for like 10 minutes, but that was about it.  Sleep is so much more important now…well, not till the knockout rounds, that is.
  4. I still haven’t got into the whole “waka waka” groove yet.  Ricky Martin’s “Go Go Go, Allez Allez Allez” from World Cup 1998 was so much more catchier and easier to sing.  I can now only manage 4 lines of the Waka Waka song, ending with “It’s time for Africa” 😛
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One Response to The World Cup is all different now…

  1. Allan says:

    Yup, well said indeed…everytime the World Cup comes along, it’s gonna be a whole new experience – watching it as a little boy with no worries to a schooling boy with friends to skipping lectures when it came along during varsity days to mamak shop sessions to now – watching WC as a father of two…

    need to pace myself and plan ahead on matches I intend to watch, watching and cheering in near-silence, handling mini half-times every now and then, realising how important sleep is, etc.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes indeed. Last time, no worries in the world…whole night also can watch. Now, cannot afford it all the time liao. Kids need 100% attention. But then, final still must watch la.

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