Have I really??


We are considered regulars at a certain McDonald’s outlet, and because of this, one of the store supervisors knows us very well.  Actually I would say she probably looks forward to seeing the kids more …

Anyway, I was ordering some food the other day when she saw me and this conversation ensued:

Supervisor: I tengok you makin lama makin kurus…you makan apa?
(Translation: You’re getting thinner and thinner, what do you eat?

Me (without skipping a beat): Makan McDonald’s laa!
(Translation: I eat McDonald’s!)

Supervisor: Eh?  Orang makan McDonald’s jadi gemuk.  You terbalik pulak!
(Translation: Hey, most people grow fat if they take too much McDonald’s.  How come it’s the opposite with you?)

***Disclaimer: This post is meant to be in jest.  Please do not try it at home or at any fast food outlet.  Fast food should be taken in moderation, and we will not be responsible for any harm done to your body in any way should you take this post seriously.***

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2 Responses to Have I really??

  1. Gallivanter says:

    You’re a glitch in the Matrix 😛

  2. KY says:

    She may be attempting reverse psychology on you. 😉 Is the black pepper chicken a regular menu item?

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