Fair and Square

I spotted this seemingly *rare* sight and managed to snap a picture right before my camery battery went flat.


The piece of paper held by the windshield wiper is a parking summons.  The parking meter showed that it had timed out, and the parking summons officer wasted no time in issuing a summons.  What caught my eye was the Polis Diraja Malaysia sticker prominently placed on the windscreen.

Nope…not even THAT could spare the driver from getting a summons.  All’s fair and square when it comes to parking meters, eh?  🙂

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1 Response to Fair and Square

  1. Allan says:

    the PDRM sticker looks kinda fake though…;-p

    The Giddy Tigress says: Haha – not sure how to tell a fake one from a real one… 🙂

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