An Afternoon Cup of Tea

The E&O Hotel always brings back fond memories, at least for me.  Well, apart from the fact that we had our wedding reception there about six years ago, I really love its old English structure and romantic ambience, great food and splendid decor.


Last Monday, I invited my Mom for the Traditional English Afternoon Tea at the fine dining restaurant in the E&O Hotel, the 1885.  The last time I went for the Afternoon Tea was about 2 years ago, and I enjoyed it very much.  I knew my Mom would love the experience.


I decided to bring Ethan along with us, and told him to behave himself and stay as quiet as possible, because it was a fine dining place.  I had to leave Hannah with her sitter for a couple of hours, because she was way too young.

Anyway, we arrived and were promptly ushered to our table and given a menu with an array of teas to order from.  After some discussion with the captain, I ordered the Morgentau tea blend, a blend from Ronnefeldt that is rather sweet and fruity, but very light on the palate.  It had a hint of aromatic rose petals which was just heavenly.  My Mom ordered the orange creme tea, which had a sweet orangey-taste that was very tasty.


We were then served a selection of pastries, sandwiches (cucumber, salmon and beef), scones with jam and cream, and cakes.  Everything tasted so delicious, and the tea was a perfect complement to everything on the table.


Ethan enjoyed some of the scones and his favorite was undoubtedly the chocolate cake!  The servers in 1885 even laid out the napkin on Ethan’s lap and he was served a glass of plain water with straw!


Of course, we couldn’t expect Ethan to be quiet the whole session through, so he was asking lots of questions, and he even raised his hand to ask the captain what each of the delicacies were. LOL

All in all, it was a splendid experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to take an afternoon off to relax and slowly sip on a cup of luxurious tea.  I’ll definitely be back! 🙂

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  1. rachel says:

    So english-sy. I like. I think I can find English Tea in Carcosa Seri Negara. I dont know where else in KL serves english tea.

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