A place to call a cookbook home

Over the years, I have amassed quite a number of cookbooks; some bought and some gifts.  Well, not a LOT like it will fill up a whole bookshelf, but roughly a stack.  In fact, I also have recipe clippings sitting somewhere in one of my notebooks, which I need to do something about.

I refer to these cookbooks once in a while, even though I know most recipes can be viewed online.  There’s just something special about looking at recipes and food pictures in a physical book rather than on the computer.

But my cookbooks had been stashed away with all my other books in the bookshelves.  Sometimes I had to rummage through heaps of books to get to the cookbook I was looking for.  Up until a few days ago, that is.

I’m in the mood for organizing things now, and when I recently cleared the topmost shelf of my kitchen cabinet, I decided that that space would be home for all my cookbooks.


It’s not a very tall shelf, so I was not able to place the books standing up.  And the fact that it’s not too tall, makes it hard to figure out what else I could store there. 

I’m not even entirely sure if that’s the perfect place for my cookbooks, but it will have to do for now.  What do you think?  Hehe…and now I even have some space to get MORE cookbooks! Wheeeee!!!!!

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  1. Ker-Yng says:

    The kitchen is the perfect place for cookbooks! I’m sure you’ll be using them more now that they’re so accessible. 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yep, I fully agree! I wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier! 🙂 I’m gonna dig out all my other cookbooks to add to the shelve!

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