A Light to Show the Way


Have you noticed the little lights that have been installed on the ceiling at the Gurney Plaza multi-storey parking lot?  Ethan, who is ever the observant one, saw the lights when we were there a few weeks back and asked me what those lights were for.

I was stumped.  So was the hubby.

And then Ethan suggested that the lights could be to show if the parking space was available or not.  I wasn’t very sure, but we did a quick experiment.  As we backed out our car, we noticed that as soon as we vacated the space, the little light above the space we were in, changed from red to green!  Voila!  Ethan was right!

The little red lights show that a space was taken and the little green lights show that there was a vacant spot!  What a ingenious idea!  Now we can see a sea of mostly red lights, but more importantly, from far off, we can see green lights and head directly there because we know there is a parking spot available!

That is one of the coolest things ever, and kudos to Gurney Plaza for implementing this system.  Of course, top marks to Ethan too, for figuring it out. 🙂


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4 Responses to A Light to Show the Way

  1. littlelamb says:

    yup. we have this in a few malls in KL already.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Ooh, must have been ages since I’ve gone to KL – Didn’t notice them the last time I was there.

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Sorry, this is a cheap shot but can’t resist – WHERE ARE YOU FROM, LADY???? 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hey don’t eksyen la….in Penang we don’t have this type of technology yet ma.. 🙂

  3. Pink Cotton says:

    wow! haven been to gurney for a while…
    this reminds me of most shopping malls in singapore…

    kudos to the management of gurney! now to wait for qbm to install this system too 😀

    The Giddy Tigress says: Haha…not sure when THAT will be!

  4. mott says:

    yes.. this was created by a young person from PJ/KL. Very ingenious. I recently saw it implemented in a mall here!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Now why didn’t I think of that?

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