Businesses that Go Green

The everyday consumer is getting more and more intelligent and educated nowadays.  Gone are the days when someone can be foolishly conned and be gullible enough to fall into the proverbial trap of sales and marketing pitches.

Consumers have endless options to choose from.  Buying from the stores, shopping online, mail order catalogs and even online auctioning.

Stores who are smart and savvy enough would choose the Go Green route to gain more customers.  I know I would choose a store or restaurant that has *Gone Green* if given the choice.

Some of the Go Green steps taken by stores, be it physical or online are:

  • Not providing invoices with the order.  If it is an online purchase invoices are mailed electronically.
  • Not providing plastic bags.  I do like stores who provide an option for consumers to use paper bags.  Of course, consumers can use their own reusable shopping bags too, if they want.
  • Store advertisement can be in the form of social media networks, utilizing all the different technologies of today.  A good example is the social entrepeneur twitter method where tweets are sent out targeted at a particular group of people for more effective advertising.

I was also very intrigued by this interesting article I read, detailing 10 Green Internet Business Ideas.  Goes to show that great ideas can come to anyone, if we only just think hard enough.

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