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My PlayDoh Problem is Solved

My kids LOVE PlayDoh.  I don’t. I find that it is too sticky and if you push it into the crevices of some of the PlayDoh moulding tools, you can’t get it all out.  Cleaning up after a PlayDoh session … Continue reading

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A Baking Project on a Rainy Morning

It was raining out two days ago, and the kids were bored.  They looked bored anyway.  I decided to have a small baking project with the kids.  It was also an excuse for me to use up all the 5 … Continue reading

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I Found Happiness in My Spaghetti Marinara

I’ll be frank.  I’ve never tried making Spaghetti Marinara on my own before, because I figured it would be too difficult to make (yeah, I was too lazy to even bother googling it..haha).  At home, I’d always made Bolognese sauce, … Continue reading

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Would You Send Revealing Pictures of Yourself for a Shot at a RM700/day Job?

…well, apparently some girls would, in a heartbeat!  Extremely gullible girls, I would add.  Girls, aged 20+, would willingly answer an online ad, without further probing and investigation, and send their portfolios to an unknown address, in the hope of … Continue reading

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If Cod Costs Less, I would Cook this Every Day!

It’s such an easy dish to make, and rather idiot-proof.  No marination necessary and cooking time is only less than 15 minutes.  Best of all, it’s yummy, nutritious and is suitable for everyone! I’d always steamed cod, but I guess … Continue reading

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