A Real Estate Agent for Real?

One of my friends, who is currently on the lookout to purchase a home, recently told me that the reality is that the process of house-hunting is nothing like what is being shown on HGTV.  For those of you who do not know, HGTV is a TV channel in the States that has programs related to homes: searching for the perfect home, interior design, dealing with real estate agents, the works.

On TV, although the house hunters sometimes hit a roadblock in the process, they almost inadvertently manage to work things out and close the deal.  The whole process of house-hunting seems like a breeze on TV, even dealing with contractors and interior designers always end up favoring the house buyer.

In reality, it is sometimes hard to work things out when things do not go your way.  Sometimes there are obstacles in the house-hunting process that you have absolutely no control over.  For people who choose to purchase a home by consulting a real estate agent, most of the *dirty work* can be done by the agent.  You just need to make sure you land yourself a GOOD one.  And through my observations, I believe that a GOOD real estate agent should have more than just mere paper qualifications.  He/she should also have:

  • A well-maintained website depicting the available properties for sale.  It would be good if the agent could maintain a blog too.
  • An email account, for customers to contact him/her via email, not just through the phone.  The email account needs to be frequently checked.
  • A Facebook and/or Twitter account.
  • Well-updated information on home loans from various banks.
  • A responsible attitude.

I really hope my friend gets the home of her dreams.  The process may be tough, but I am confident she’ll pull through.  It’s a major crossroad in her life and it would mean the world to her when she attains it. 🙂

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