Why I Wash My Hair Daily


The freaky coincidence that happened this morning is definitely a sign that made me force myself to finish this draft before anything else.  I had this draft prepared a few weeks ago, with the full intention of working on it *when I had the time*.

But this morning, when I saw My Women Stuff’s email notification of the latest post entitled “Do You Wash Your Hair Everyday?”, I knew it was meant to be that I had to do this now.

So, in answer to that question, a BIG resounding YES!  I wash my hair daily.  I can remember, however, a few days when I did not.  One of those days were during a school play when the hairstylists did up my hair in two buns, making me look like Chun Li from Streetfighter.  Yeah, I kid you not.  Anyway, I was given strict instructions NOT to wash my hair and hence I had to suffer with that stiff horrible hairdo overnight. Uggh.

But other than that, I make it my priority to wash my hair daily.  And I wash it at night, unlike some who wash it in the morning.  I like the thought of clean hair on my pillow..yeah, it makes me sleep better.  My rationale for washing my hair daily is that if I bathe every day (at least twice!), why shouldn’t my hair get the same treatment?  I shampoo and condition every day and I try to apply a hair mask once a week.  I look for shampoos suited for daily use though.

One thing to note though: I do not blow dry my hair every day.  I allow it to dry naturally.

What about you?  Are you like me, or do you have a different routine for your hair care?

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1 Response to Why I Wash My Hair Daily

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Daily – morning -so i feel fresh for work- I’ve got 5 different shampoos. Apparently, it’s good to rotate your shampoos especially if washed daily. I hate the grease built-up.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes, I do agree on the shampoo rotation bit. Apparently your hair can get immune to a particular brand after a while. Which also explains why your hair feels much better when you start using a new shampoo 🙂

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