My New Snake Grass Plant


My new plant is actually a type of grass.  It’s called Sabah Snake Grass (Scientific Name: Clinacanthus nutans).  My MIL has passed the plant to my Mum last weekend to pass to a friend, but since my Mum would be travelling back to Ipoh on bus, I offered to care for it.

This plant is reputed to be able to cure many types of cancer, including lung, uterus, breast and prostate cancer.  I could not find any medical reports on this, so I am assuming it is a form of alternative medicine.  A search in wikipedia yielded no results too, which is rather strange, I thought.


In any case, I’ve read in blogs that cancer patients ingest the leaves whole as is, or blended together with ice cubes and green apples.  The number of leaves to be eaten also depends on the stage of cancer.  The leaves of this Sabah Snake Grass was originally used to cure ailments like sore throat, uric acid, gout, high blood pressure, cholesterol level problems, uterine fibroid, prostate inflammation, kidney problems and various skin diseases.

I’m just going to take care of this plant for as long as I can, just in case anyone wants to use it.  Not sure how I’ll fare though, cuz hubby is always saying I’m not the “green fingers” type.  Hehe.


Have you used any alternative medicine or herbal remedies to cure ailments?

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  1. rinnah says:

    I used to eat this at one point of time to try and cure my eczema as my aunt swore by it – said it helped her to naturally control her high blood pressure without needing any other medication. She would dry the leaves, pound it and put it into little capsules so it looks like any other pill. I was supposed to take like 6 capsules a day or something like that. It tastes awfully bitter. Not sure if it did help my eczema any because there will be a period where you get worse (supposedly the body cleansing itself) before you get better. I was never able to make it through the clean-up period. 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: I was thinking about trying it for myself too, since I read that it cured skin conditions. But like you, I don’t think I can make it through the “supposedly cleansing” period. So we’re back to square one then, and don’t know if it works? Hmmm…need to google summore then…

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