Do You Use Up Every Little Drop?


You know the scenario.  You squeeze or pour out the contents of your  tube or bottle of lotion/cream/moisturizer/sunblock, only to discover that only a few squirts are left.  You squeeze the body of the tube with all your might just to get the last bit out.

But is that all you do?  Do you toss it away after you find that you cannot get anything else out?

Not me, no sireee! 🙂

I try my best to use up every little bit of the contents, especially if I like the product very much.  And this is how I do it…


If the bottle has a pump dispenser, I usually will turn it upside down and leave it for a few hours.  Then when it’s time to use it the next time, I simply open the cover and use my finger to scoop up the lotion that has gravitated to the mouth of the bottle.  Sometimes this gets a bit messy when some of the lotion sticks to the dispenser too, but I try to be extra careful.

If I’m working with a tube, then I will cut away half of the tube, like what you see in my Dermalogica moisturizer tube.  I can normally scoop up some more moisturizer from the two halves; enough to use for at least 2-3 days.  Because the contents get exposed this way, it tends to get thicker and it is advisable to use up the contents as fast as possible, so 2-3 days is a good time frame.  I usually use the top part of the cut-out to sort of cover the bottom part.


And that, my dear peeps, is how I try my best to fully utilize every drop of the products I use.  So are you like me or do you have any other special techniques to extend the life of your products?

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1 Response to Do You Use Up Every Little Drop?

  1. Sandra says:

    I do, especially on my toothpaste – the ‘leftover’ still can be used for 3, 4 times brushing. (:

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oooh, I don’t cut my toothpaste tube though…maybe I should start doing that 🙂

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