Food Waste Friday: Granny Smith Will Not Be Pleased

Today (and hopefully every Friday), I’m joining The Frugal Girl and other bloggers out there in posting my food waste photos within the past week, calling it Food Waste Friday. It is hoped that by sharing pictures of the food I have wasted, it would motivate me to reduce wastage as much as possible. I will try my very best to participate each week, and hopefully there will be weeks where I will be able to happily report that there was 0% wastage! 🙂


To be frank, I have NEVER seen Granny Smith apples this way before.  I’ve always managed to salvage them by making apple tarts or salads, so I was quite disturbed to find these two wrinkly things at the back of my fridge this week.

Hope it will be a better week this week… 🙂

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1 Response to Food Waste Friday: Granny Smith Will Not Be Pleased

  1. Only two apples, good job.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you 🙂

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