Do They Know They Will Be Replaced?

Have you ever encountered a situation where something you have owned for a long time suddenly breaks or stops working or goes wonky, right before you get something else to replace it?

Happened to me several times, I am beginning to feel it’s not even coincidental anymore…

Like when my trusty old Nokia phone decides it’s time to quit charging its battery a few days before my iPhone came along…Or the strap of a bag breaks right before I change to a new bag…Or my hair starts looking all lustrous and shiny just before a haircut…

Okay, well maybe not the last one…but I always experience that.


Lately it happened to me again.  My faithful pair of FitFlops of 3 years suddenly gave way 2 days before Chinese New Year, which was when I had decided to break in my new FitFlops.

Coincidence?  I think not…


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