French Beans, Papaya, Ginger … but that’s not all…


This, my dear friends, was my humble haul from the market early this morning.  It’s only a small haul today because I wanted to grab something fast to cook later.  So that, and some chicken…and I was about to make my quick getaway.

…except…when I was about to get the piece of ginger, I noticed a frail looking old lady in her housecoat trying to get something from one of the shelves.  The shelves were located on the outside of the market shop and there were some motorcycles parked right in front, obstructing the way.  You would have to squeeze between the motorcycles and make sure your legs don’t hit the exhaust pipes.

Anyway, the old lady seemed lost and troubled, so I asked her if she needed anything.  She said she wanted some red onions.  So I offered to squeeze through and chose some for her.

She was so grateful and kept saying what a good girl I am for being so kind. LOL…it has been a LONG time since someone told me I am a good girl!  She also told me she just came back from England and she just had an operation in Penang.  She didn’t want to aggravate her operation wound by squeezing here and there, potentially falling and getting hurt.

She thanked me again one more time as I gave her the bag of onions.  It was a mere five minutes of my time, but it sure meant a lot to that lady that day.

So that was my good deed for the day.  Simple, small but it certainly made me feel all warm inside.

Have you done your good deed for the day?  Or were you on the receiving end of a good deed today?

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