Are These Beauty Quirks?

This morning I received a surprise.  I love surprises.

A silent reader of my blogs introduced herself and said hi to me (on the internet, of course). *waves*  Although it was a small gesture, it means a lot to me because it shows that there are people out there who actually spend time reading my posts, however insane they may be.  So to you, Ms Silent Reader, you know who you are, you made my day and I appreciate it.  Of course, I certainly welcome anyone else to drop a note or comment…I love reading what you think. 🙂

Coming back to what I wanted to post today…I recently read a very interesting account about Beauty Quirks on one of my favorite beauty blogs, Beautyholics Anonymous, and it got me to thinking if my beauty habits are a little quirky too.

Well, here’s 10 of mine.  You be the judge… 🙂

  1. My skincare regime after my shower must be in a specific order. I always always start with my face (skincare and sunblock) and then move on to my arms, body and then legs (lotion and sunblock). If I accidentally forget and apply lotion on my hands before applying sunblock on my face, I have to wash my hands and complete the face ritual first before proceeding.
  2. I need to finish step 1 before I start on my makeup, and I need to wash my hands before starting on makeup.
  3. I wash my hair every day, only in the evening. If I don’t, I can’t sleep at night. If I had my hair washed in the salon on that day because of a haircut, I would still wash my hair in the evening.
  4. I can leave the house without any makeup on. But I make sure I have my pair of Oakleys with me too. Just in case. Yeah, I’m vain that way.
  5. If I have time to apply just one item of makeup, I would use my eyeliner. Tightlining is my favorite thing, and it keeps me looking non-zombie-ish.
  6. When I get a new pair of shoes, I would undoubtedly put them on when I get home and do a model-esque parade around the house (before I actually wear those shoes out). Hmmm…it has been a long time since I had the chance to do that actually.
  7. I don’t love lipstick all that much. I can hear everyone gasping now. Well, no particular lipstick has managed to wow me in that way, but lately I have been quite happy with a lovely orchid pink shade from an Estee Lauder lippie I scored in a Twitter contest. Coincidence, much? 🙂
  8. When I wash my face, I splash it a total of 8 or 10 times. 8, if it’s already clean by then; if not, then 10.
  9. I paint the nails on my right hand first, then followed by my left. I had this quirk only recently when I discovered that being a right-hander, this method helped me get neater and cleaner looking results.
  10. I derive a sense of satisfaction and gratification from yanking out the entire strand of hair if I notice a split end on it. I probably should just be trimming it, eh, given that my hair is so little to begin with.


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3 Responses to Are These Beauty Quirks?

  1. Joey says:

    Hey, those habits are not too quirky…I practise #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 and #7 too though these days I’m a lot lazier in moisturing my body and hands, and putting make-up on. Same here, there are no lipsticks I swear by, can’t remember the very last time I had one. Always more of a lipbalm person 🙂

    #10 sounds “ouch!”

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hehe, actually not very Ouch…it’s quite errm…satisfying, really. Ah, but we shall not go there, shan’t we?

  2. Tine says:

    I loved reading your beauty quirks. I’m so with #10 too. Can’t deal with looking at split ends. If I have a scissors with me, then I’ll snip it off. If not, out it comes. Or, and you shouldn’t do this, split the hair further in seeing how far it can go 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oh nooo….I’m guilty of “splitting it further” too…when my hands get itchy.. LOL

  3. MisSmall says:

    Omg! I’m the same when it comes to hair washing! Though I got told off many times for washing my hair again after paying for professional blow dry and wave at the hair saloon. Still, can’t help it! 😐

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yeah, same here. I can’t help it…somehow salon treated hair smells weird to me, and I don’t like it that the brush they use is used on everyone else too! That’s just me, but hey, you and I are in the same boat now! 🙂

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