The Problem With Winning Something Is…

…when you cannot decide what to get!

Well, it’s not that I won something *something*.  It’s because I won a cash voucher to get a DRESS from DoubleWoot!

So help me out here, my dear readers….I have RM30 to blow on one of these gorgeous dresses and now I don’t know which one to choose.  I know I need something not too short (some of the dresses in the site are way too short for me) and I know I need something to downplay errm….wide hips…SIGH.

Therefore I know I can very well cross out all the dresses with horizontal stripes in them, although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to rock this gorgeous pencil dress.

At first I was thinking more along the lines of a clean cut plain-colored dress like this one:

This dress has a lovely zipper all the way down the back, and I find that so intriguing.  I like the black one (read: classic and timeless), but they didn’t have that one in stock.

Then I thought of ordering a spin-off from Kate Middleton’s Issa dress:

…but then I thought it might be a tad too short for me, so I continued searching.

At one stage, the flirty and casual Iking dress caught my eye.  I wanted the black and white one, but again, they didn’t have it in my size.  Plus, from measuring my existing dresses, this dress might also be a little too short for me.  Too bad, ‘cos it’s a really pretty dress, and it had a lovely scoop-back too!

I also considered a very unique color-block dress.  Loved how the bright colors contrasted against one another, but I only liked this color combo, which they didn’t have in my size:

At the rate I’m going, I’m thinking I might just choose the dress I had been eyeing for some time now, since it was launched a few months ago, but has been out of stock for a while.  It’s Kate Middleton’s Shola-inspired dress, but it’s currently on back order and I am not sure when it will arrive.

Don’t you just LOVE the cut on this one?

So people, what do you think?  Which dress should I get?

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1 Response to The Problem With Winning Something Is…

  1. MisSmall says:

    Somehow the mustard yellow dress with skinny belt caught my eyes the most. Hmm. *Rubs chin*

    The Giddy Tigress says: I considered that too…but not too sure if I could pull off that color…

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