Looking for a Cheap Lippie That Actually Works?

Well, I’m happy to say that you have come to the right place!  Very rarely do I feel strongly for a makeup product, and very much less so for a lipstick, because frankly I’m not much of a lippie person.

However, I recently stumbled on this gold of a find by chance actually.  A couple of months ago, when my son was preparing for his annual concert, I was on the hunt for a lipstick that he could use.  Oh yes, the kids had to put on stage makeup and being the paranoid mom I sometimes am, I wanted him to use his own lipstick, for hygienic reasons, of course!  He had remarked that my current lipsticks (mostly Estee Lauders) were too sticky for him so I was looking for a lighter formula that would feel like nothing on his lips.

I asked my good blogging friend, Paris B, for advice and she pointed me in the direction of Maybelline Watershine Pure lipsticks.  I never would have thought of those because I used this same Watershine range a few years back (when Maybelline first launched it) and it felt really greasy on my lips.  However, I hopped over to the nearest Guardian at my next opportunity and was delighted to find that the Maybelline lippies were on SALE!  At RM19++ per lippie, it was definitely a steal!

After testing out the colors, I chose R21, simply because I was looking for a Red shade for stage performing purposes.  Frankly though, the naming convention employed by Maybelline could not have been more boring…although its efficacy more than made up for this little oversight.  I believe R refers to Red, which means the lipstick shade is in the Reds category.

I tried it on my son just to let him test out how it felt and he said it felt like NOTHING at all!  That was a good indicator!

I then tried it on myself and I was blown away!  I loved how smooth it glided on my lips, and although it went on a little sheer, I have no complaints because I discovered that it did not stain cups!  Wheeee!!!!

So amazed was I that I went and bought another shade, this time in B23.  See what I told you about the naming convention?  This one is very close to my lip color and looks great when I use nude makeup.  Plus I think in the end, Ethan used this brown shade instead for his concert, so as not to look TOO made-up.

I have only good things to say about the Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick, and I would go so far as to say this is probably the best lipstick you can get for under RM20!  Might this be the lipstick that would create that lipstick addict out of me? 😀

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  1. sharine says:

    I’m loving and using this lippie too! Great deal…

    The Giddy Tigress says: OOoooh goody! Another fan! 😀

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