Childhood Experiments

There is no doubt that childhood is a period of experimentation, of making mistakes and of course, doing silly things. Remembering these things will always leave a smile on my face. For me, there certainly wasn’t any shortage when it came to that!

In one of my early childhood experiments, I tried making a snow cone from scratch, without any snow cone machine and without any tools of any kind; and all this because I was curious as to how to make one at home (after all how difficult could it have been?). Without a snow cone machine or ice shaving machine of any kind, I had to scrape the ice from the freezer and use that instead…I know, it sounds really really silly when I think about it now, but what did I know eh?

I put the ice into a little cup and then I simply poured rose flavored syrup or any kind of cordial on top of it, but you know, since the amount of scraped ice was meager, it was absolutely miserable to see the ice melt under the syrup! What I had envisioned to be my yummy and delicious snow cone became a little cup of rose syrup with floating bits of ice in it. It was a total epic fail; and the ice did not even taste at all good!

I don’t do that anymore because now I get my snow cone fix at stalls which actually sell snow cones in various colors and tastes.
Seriously though, if someone wants to make snow cones that actually look and taste good, they should invest in a professional snow cone machine. There are lots of choices available nowadays, just visit any of the retail shops or visit the site and you will see what I mean.

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