Project Cake Pops

It had been a while since I attempted to make cake pops since my last cake pop fiasco.  It was also because I couldn’t get any candy melts back in Malaysia.

But here in the US, I saw a whole variety on sale in Walmart complete with the lollipop sticks too!  And since I had leftover cake in the fridge from Ethan’s birthday, I figured why not?

So today, my cooking experiment resulted in this:

The cake balls were nice and chilled in the refrigerator since two days ago, so today, I only needed to melt the candy melts and do the coating and decorating.  Still, I encountered some minor problems:

  • I decided to go with white candy melts and color the rest with food gel coloring.  Unfortunately the food gel coloring made the candy melt mixture thicker and I had to dilute it a little with olive oil (it was the only thing I could think of)!
  • That would explain some of the thicker texture coating on the cake pops.
  • The styrofoam block I used to dry the cake pops had a life of its own and simply would not allow me to stand the cake pops properly to dry.  So I am now left with a hole-y styrofoam block.

I tasted one of ’em cake pops and it was SUPER SWEET!  Not sure if the kids are gonna dig this, but we’ll see.

And that’s our dessert for the day 🙂

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