39 Weeks and 2 Days…

Nope, I have not popped yet..just in case anyone was wondering…it’s now a waiting game and it’s an understatement to say that everyone is anxious.

At exactly 39 weeks, I found the time to squeeze in a little exercising, in the form of yoga.  There is a small yoga room in the leasing office building, and they also provide the yoga dvd with mats and other apparatus if you so desire.  The session I did was a very light one, and although it helped me relaxed a little, I was bummed out because I could not do most of the poses properly, due to my bump!  Did some nice stretches though. 🙂

I’m still going to for the twice-weekly fetal non-stress tests, and seeing my OB once a week.  She did suggest inducing the labor on the 39th week, but I told her I’d much prefer to wait till Week 40 and birth naturally, so baby, we’ve got a few more days to go!  Uggh…plus the thought of inducing is terrifying me.

Well, it’s not like I have been leading a laid-back lifestyle now.  I still do the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, driving around, taking the trash out and pretty much the same stuff as I have always done, but you know, when it comes to labor and delivery, it’s always the baby that calls the shots.  So we’ll see…

Hmmmm…maybe I should hit the treadmill and elliptical tomorrow morning…

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