Goodbye With A Heavy Heart…

After about a month of shuttling back and forth, carting our belongings from old to new house, we finally completed our last round three nights ago.  The many late nights had begun to take a toll on us, and of course it also affected the kids.

Truth be told, the experience was indeed bittersweet especially for me; saying goodbye without any emotional attachments is never an easy task for me.  But I’d say I handled it pretty well.

The following day I handed over the keys to the new owner, and thereafter it was farewell forever to our home of almost 10 years.  We were leaving the place where memories were made and cherished.  Our first home would always hold a special place in our hearts, but move on we must.  And those memories will be extra special ones we would always hold dear.

Yup…gonna miss that gorgeous timber strip floor big time too…

Our next task: unpacking the loot in our current living room and organizing them! Just tear out my hair now, will ya?

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