Making a Kinder Choice with Kinder Soaps

My quest to find a way to completely cure and heal my littlest one, Emma, from the excruciatingly irritable skin condition known as eczema has led me to this range of products from a local company called Kinder Soaps.

If you’re a believer of the adage “everything happens for a reason”, you will certainly see how this discovery could possibly be, what is called, “meant to be”.

It all started when my daughter’s teacher told me about this interview her husband had heard on the radio about Kinder Soaps.  So I checked out the company and its products and found that I could relate very well with its owner and founder, Michelle Ho.  Michelle started formulating and making these special handmade soaps when her daughter suffered from eczema.  Basically her intention (as is with almost all parents whose kids suffer from eczema) is to create a cure for eczema which is non-steroid, natural and effective.  Turns out a couple of my friends were also using or had used Kinder Soaps on themselves or on their wee little ones.

I’m always a little apprehensive to try out new products that claim they are able to cure and heal eczema, because I know for a fact that eczema is very difficult to heal.  What’s more, one product that works on someone might not work on someone else.  But there was something about Kinder Soaps products that appealed to me, yet I don’t know what it was.

Excitedly, I promptly emailed Michelle with some questions pertaining to my condition and my Emma’s condition (yes, I have eczema on my hands too), and she was quick to reply with some answers.  She also kindly consented to sending me some samples to try out because my skin was hypersensitive and I needed to be sure it did not flare up before I tried out products on a larger scale.

So you see, if my daughter’s teacher’s hubby had not heard the interview, I would not have known about Kinder Soaps at all.  So was it sheer coincidence or meant to be?

Call it what you may, but two days later, I received a parcel in the post, and let me just say that it was the most awesome-smelling parcel ever.  Yes, even though the products inside were bubble-wrapped and sealed up, I could just smell how yummy they were.  The products lying inside that parcel smelled like a spa, and I could not wait to open it up.

Here’s what I received:

For the past week or so, I have been adhering to the following routine for Emma:
  • Twice daily, bathe with Goat’s Milk & Patchouli soap.
  • While skin is moist straight out of bath, warm up some Double Duty Balm and apply liberally on affected areas.  For Emma, this was mainly the lower part of her legs, her cheeks, neck and arms.
  • Three drops of Eczema Support Oil, warmed up in hands and massaged into affected areas, as needed.
  • Several drops of Baby Bliss Oil, warmed up and massaged into rest of body and a little on her cheeks and head.
  • Apply Double Duty Balm and Eczema Support/Baby Bliss oils as needed throughout the day, even in the middle of the night, and during diaper changes.
Well, three days into my routine, I discovered Emma’s skin began looking dry and it started peeling especially on her face and neck.  I then increased the frequency of oil application on the dry areas and thankfully the peeling went away.
After a week of usage, however, I am pleased to note that I do see significant improvement. In fact, I had already felt the improvement on my own hands, since I use my hands to apply the oils and treatment on Emma.  Emma’s skin is now more supple and smoother, although she still scratches.  The redness has diminished and hopefully will totally be gone in the coming few weeks.  I’m hoping the scratching will stop soon too.  There are still a few dry patches which I am treating with the Eczema Support oil and Double Duty Balm.  This combination appears to work really well to provide immediate relief.  
The Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap too is a very moisturizing and easy-to-use soap.  I love its smell!  Upon initial usage, broken skin might feel a little sting, but after a few seconds, it is very soothing.  The skin feels incredibly soft after rinsing off, not taut and dry like commercial soaps.  It lathers well too, by the way.  My one complaint though is that I don’t have a proper soap dish for my soap.  Bummer.  

Well, another thing I am going gaga over now is Kinder Soaps’ treatment oils.  I’m currently using the Dry Skin Relief Oil and it is by far the best face oil I have ever used.  Hmmm….well, it is also a moisturizer and serum so it’s multi-functional and yet I love it so.

I have been using the Dry Skin Relief oil daily both as a serum and moisturizer.

Coincidentally when I received the oils, my face had not been behaving as it should.  I had been suffering from severe dehydration and I had ugly rough patches all over my face and neck, mainly concentrating on my cheeks, chin and forehead.  Blame it on those late nights and also neglecting my water intake.

Anyway, I promptly poured three drops of the Dry Skin Relief oil onto my hands, warmed it up and massaged gently onto my face and neck.  It did not feel greasy at all, on the contrary, it left my skin velvety smooth.  I used it twice a day, morning and night.  This routine is especially effective right after I use my Oil Cleansing Method to wash my face.  No further moisturizer or serum is needed, and my skin still feels moist and smooth in the morning.  After 3-4 days, I can personally vouch that my skin is actually glowing!  🙂

So I think I found a new love in this magic potion…well yeah, I like to call it that. 🙂  Priced at RM65 for 100ml, I think this is definitely a steal compared to other serums and moisturizers in the same league.

I usually like to use products for at least a month before reviewing them, but in this case, I’m making an exception and putting in my review just a little over a week after using.  I am thoroughly confident of its efficacy and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would agree with me.  That certainly counts for something!

I’m more or less convinced that these products might very well be the answer to my and Emma’s skin problems, and in fact, I’ve placed my order for the follow-up products a few days ago…I got them two days later too… LOOK!

Wish I could let you have a whiff of these babies, because they smell absolutely amazing!

Oh…I’m also very excited about the Teselli Intensive Healing Serum (which I just ordered).  According to Michelle, this serum really helped heal her photodermatitis, and I’m eager to try if it will work on my contact dermatitis and eczema too.  I’ll report soon!

What I like about products from Kinder Soaps:

  • Naturally handmade products which are steroid-free, and targeting eczema-prone skin conditions.  Most importantly, these products are made with LOVE!  Read the story here.
  • Relatively affordable
  • Packaging is very classy and earthy looking.  Something which I appreciate.
  • They offer a 100% Moneyback Guarantee should you feel dissatisfied with their products.  Not many Malaysian companies have this guarantee…but psst…I doubt anyone has used this!
  • They have starter packs and special discounted prices and also if you love their soaps (like I do), you can order them in bulk (like 24 soaps a year, for example), and get a good discount for them.  Otherwise they are RM20 for 1 bar of 110g.  Not too pricey because they do last and last and last.
  • The soaps and oils smell divine!!!

What could be improved on products from Kinder Soaps:

  • The treatment oils are packed in glass bottles with glass droppers.  Sometimes the glass droppers dispense the oil a little too much and some is spilled.  Sigh…wastage. 🙁

(Note: I was provided with samples of soaps, treatment oils and balm from Kinder Soaps for the purpose of this review)

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