The SUPPORi Baby Carrier: Lightweight Babywearing At Its Best … PLUS Your Chance to WIN ONE too!


Throughout the past few years of embracing motherhood, I have experimented with many baby carriers.  I have tried the ring slings (both plastic rings and metal rings), the soft structured carriers and also just plain using no carriers at all!  Recently I was approached by SUPPORi Malaysia to test and review the SUPPORi Baby Carrier.  Here are my thoughts and views on this carrier, PLUS don’t forget to read till the end for your chance to win yourself one too!

SUPPORi Malaysia products are distributed by Unison CA.  The SUPPORi Baby Carrier originates from Japan and aims to provide a simple-to-use baby carrier that is lightweight and effective.  Indeed, the first thing I noticed when I received the SUPPORi was how small and light it was.  I was apprehensive as to whether it would be able to support baby’s weight!


See? It fits into this nice little plastic pouch (which comes with the carrier by the way), and is so flat and nifty that it can easily fit into your purse or your diaper bag.


I soon learned though that the SUPPORi Baby Carrier is very strong and can definitely support baby’s weight.  It is made from triple plied thread and it proven to be safe and strong.  It is able to support the weight of a baby up to a maximum of 15kg.  The recommended age for use of the SUPPORi Baby Carrier is that the baby must be able to sit upright on his/her own (about 4-6 months old) until 36 months old (15 kg/33 lbs).

As you can see, the SUPPORi is made from a very holey fabric, or mesh, and that means baby will be kept snug and cool even when in the carrier.  You know how some baby carriers tend to cover the baby entirely and in our hot tropical Malaysian weather, we sometimes worry if baby might be too hot in the carrier?  Well, no such problem with the SUPPORi because it will totally be a cool experience for baby.

Plus…the mesh fabric is actually stretchable, so it will conform to baby’s body and the wearer’s shoulder so a good fit is attained.

When laid flat, the SUPPORi Baby carrier looks like this:


It is actually a loopy piece of fabric which you can just wear over your body, and then fit baby in it.  No buckles, straps and rings needed.  Well, that means though that the SUPPORi is not a one-size-fits-all product, and it is essential that the baby wearer get one in his/her size.  Yes, the size of the SUPPORi baby carrier is determined by your height and underbust measurement.

Source: Suppori Malaysia Facebook page

I had a few teething problems when I first started using the SUPPORi, but later I found out that the smaller stretchable part on the carrier needs to fit on my shoulder.  This was me during our recent trip to IKEA in Damansara.  She wanted to be carried, so the SUPPORi came to my rescue.


And this one was taken just recently.  I discovered that the SUPPORi felt better when it is supported on my left shoulder with baby on my right hip.  See how she wanted to help me take a picture too? 🙂


One thing to note however, is that the SUPPORi is NOT meant to be a hands-free baby carrier.  In fact, it is recommended that the SUPPORi is used with one hand supporting the baby.  As such the SUPPORi is not really suitable for long-term use, but more for short-term use, such as a quick run to the grocery store or bookstore, or simply to carry baby around the house.  For long term use, a soft-structured carrier would be more feasible.

With that being said, I still love it that the SUPPORi is super light!  It weighs only 80 grams, which is actually lighter than an iPhone 4!  It adds virtually no additional weight to my bag and yet I can just whip it out whenever I need that extra support to carry baby.  It does not allow me to breastfeed though, but it does keep baby nice and cool.

Another thing I noted while using it was that my baby tended to want to stretch herself out of it.  It could be just my baby though, seeing that she is very active, but this resulted in the fact that I needed to take her out after half an hour at the most.

Trendsetters would also be happy to note that the SUPPORi Baby Carrier comes in a myriad of colors to suit your varied tastes.  The solid colors are priced at RM179 and the multi-colored ones at RM199 each.

So how do you decide if you need the SUPPORi Baby Carrier?  If you’re looking for a lightweight carrier/sling to be used on short-term basis in the tropical hot weather (like Malaysia), then yes, the SUPPORi is your choice.  You’ll be pleasantly delighted by how this little item packs a big punch.  Actually I think I’m going to try carrying my baby in it the next time I hit the pool! 😀

The SUPPORi Baby Carrier


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Strong and safe for baby.
  • Mesh fabric allows for permeability, which keeps baby cool in our hot weather.
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Easy to wear, no buckles, rings or straps to adjust.
  • Easy on the shoulders and back.


  • Not a hands-free carrier.  Recommended to use with one hand supporting baby.
  • Baby tends to want to wriggle free, as opposed to a soft-structured carrier (this is in my case only, some babies do not wriggle in the SUPPORi).
  • Does not serve as an aid in breastfeeding.
  • Not for long-term use.

WIN a SUPPORi Baby Carrier!

One (1) lucky reader will now have a chance to be in the running to walk away with a SUPPORi Baby Carrier in a SOLID COLOR of his/her choice.  All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the SUPPORi Malaysia Facebook page, and LIKE it.
  2. Vist the Unison CA Facebook page, and LIKE it.
  3. In the Comments section below, tell me why you would like to win a SUPPORi Baby Carrier.  Please leave your Facebook profile link too.

At the end of the giveaway, I will randomly select one (1) winner.

This giveaway is open to all readers with a valid Malaysian shipping address ONLY. You have until 12:00noon Sept 15 2014 (Malaysian time) to submit your entry.

Before entering the giveaway, please take some time to read the TERMS & CONDITIONS of this giveaway.

(Note: For the purpose of this review, I was provided with a SUPPORi Baby Carrier in my size.  Thanks to the folks at Unison CA for this opportunity!)

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16 Responses to The SUPPORi Baby Carrier: Lightweight Babywearing At Its Best … PLUS Your Chance to WIN ONE too!

  1. mom2ashley says:

    I’d like to win the SUPPORi Baby Carrier because I am expecting a 3rd child soon and coincidentally, I’ve been looking around for a suitable baby carrier suitable for our hot weather in Malaysia.

  2. Pink cotton says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. This came at the right time since Coincidentally I am on the lookout for a good carrier for my growing baby. The suppori sounds like a lightweight carrier that I can just throw into my handbag for me to use when I bring her home from the nanny’s. Doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable too. Of course it would be even better if I can win one. Lol.

  3. Sandra says:

    I’m a mother of 2. Currently my 10 month old is super clingy! Plus his weight is around 10kg and even my husband will get so tired after carrying a while. We usually put him on stroller and carry him when we travel or walk a lot around non-stroller friendly grounds.
    I’d loved a Suppori sling because baby wear is time consuming and I don’t carry him so often like you mentioned, just a while will do. Thus Suppori is suitable for my family! Even my MIL will be able to use it when going out. I hope I’d would win. 🙂 (Hybrid Cloth Diapers)

  4. Shao Hua says:

    Hi there. I would like to win the SUPPORi Baby Carrier because I believe this will be the best carrier for my little 5 months old daughter. My wife and I were on the look out for carriers but they are usually too bulky, heavy and not airy enough. SUPPORi Baby Carrier definitely fits the bill!

  5. ng li peng says:

    I would like to win SUPPORi baby carrier as it would be good and useful for me when I have to carry my girl to child care everyday taking bus. This light weight carrier would definitely ease some weight off by carrying her and her school bag and my office bag, together with my pumping bag, and so not to add weight to the things that I have to carry!! This is the perfect carrier..

  6. Li Nee says:

    I’d like to win this carrier as it will help to carry Rylee when I’m busy with house chores! This girl will only lay down for 10 minutes and will call for attention…!/li.nee.940

  7. Kimmy Phang says:

    I would love to own a suppori of my own as I’ve read good reviews on this product and would like to try one for my upcoming baby due this end September. This giveaway is timely for me as I have longed to get a baby carrier of my own for my first born but had put it off until today. He is currently 33 months old and no longer likes to be carried. I hope I can get chosen and be an ambassador to this great product.

  8. June lim says:

    I wish to win the SUPPORI baby carrier bcos i would like to try it as i see this is very convience n light weight. Am using ergonomic carrier as sometime if i’m using it in outdoor feel is hot for my baby. SUPPORI baby carrier seem more breatable n comfort to mummy n baby.

  9. Ogy says:

    Just loved SUPPORi because easy to carry(esp for women when put it in a handbag easily can find it), easy to wear(not like others very difficult & take a long time to wear it), loved the material very comfortable for baby &

  10. sharon foo says:

    pls let me win n give me a change to use this beautifully made carrier.. i love it so much…

  11. Lim Chiew Sim says:

    I would like to own the SUPPORI baby carrier due to its lightweight and breathable design plus easy to clean.

  12. Jane or says:

    I’ll win suppori bb carry!coz i go out so hard bring 2 child…and lazy bring stroller.

  13. Lim Chiew Li says:

    I need SUPPORi to support me anytime anywhere I need it. I am a full time mom who is carrying my son most of the time. Feeling tired on hand and shoulder even it is just 20 minutes. Thinking to get the baby carrier but afraid air ventilation no good. A very nice time and day I get know this SUPPORi, the design is so adorable, I can’t stop my eyes to keep looking if there is any free gifts can give me a try. So please give me a FREE try.

  14. Amelia says:

    I would like to win a SUPPORi Baby Carrier because it is the lightweight and airy so it is the prefect carrier to use in this hot climate.

  15. Preeyah Bhandari says:

    I’d like to win this carrier as it is light in weight and cooling for baby. Seems like it will be very useful to me when I take my 3 kids out and have to carry my youngest who is 14 months old. Thanks! 🙂

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