Word Whizzing: Educational and Entertaining


Everyone loves toys which are educational and entertaining at the same time.  Talk about killing two birds with one proverbial stone!  The ever popular flash cards are a staple in every household with kids, I’m sure you’d agree.

Every parent would have their own story to tell about flash cards; how it has helped to entertain their children, how it has helped children learn how to read…and inevitably, how they have had to pick up all the flash cards that have been scattered around the house: under the couch, behind the cupboards, you know the drill.  And yes, some parents would also tell you a tale or two about some flash cards that have been proven “yummy” to kids.

Are you nodding your head knowingly yet? 😛

So when we received this interesting looking toy especially from Applecrumby & Fish, the Learning Resources Word Whiz Electronic Flash Card, I was looking forward to it being used as a flash card minus the need to pick up after the kids.  The funky looking Word Whiz is one of the many educational toys that one can find at the Applecrumby & Fish store.  If you ask me, educational toys do go the distance compared to their non-educational counterparts, and with Christmas around the corner… 🙂

That being said however, the Word Whiz does not work in the same conventional way as a flash card.  This is a device that can be easily held by children and is more of a spelling game.  With conventional flash cards, the child is expected to read out the word upon recognition or sounding the words out, but with Word Whiz, the child will need to select the correct letter or letters to form a valid word.  There are three levels to play according to the child’s reading level, and the aim is to create as many valid words as possible in one minute.

Sounds like fun, eh?  You’re right…even adults can join in the fun!

The Word Whiz is not as brightly colored as the electronic tablets we see nowadays though.  It’s monochromatic, but it does keep a child occupied.

Another plus point is that I can safely allow my little toddler of 19 months to hold it and press its buttons without the risk of her accidentally deleting my files or high scores.  An educational toy that transcends age, pretty much? 🙂

I’m going to check out similar educational toys soon!

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