I’ve Finally Found a Cure for My Eczema! … And it’s Natural & Safe!

Every eczema sufferer has a story to tell.  I’m sure each one of us has, at one point or another, met someone who has some degree of eczema.

An adult who has severe eczema on the toes. A child who suffers from the plague of eczema on the body.  The homemaker who has to resist washing her hands too often lest the eczema attacks her yet again.  Or a helpless little baby who can only attempt to scratch and scratch at the eczema itch.

Eczema is a condition that most people would be ashamed to disclose to everyone.  Although it is not contagious, it’s rather “scary” looking, and this condition is getting more prevalent nowadays, due to the increased pollution and allergents around us.  I am personally very self-conscious when my hand eczema is at its worst.  I shy away from shaking people’s hands and am embarrassed when I need to sign on the credit card slip.

And the general consensus is that there is NO real cure for eczema.  Even skin doctors tell you that.  Eczema sufferers are told that they can, at best, control the symptoms and just moisturise as often as they can, and then HOPE the attacks will stop or become less severe.  More often than not, steroidal creams are used to control eczema symptoms.  I’ve heard it all before.  And I might have possibly even tried everything before too.

If you have followed me long enough on my blog, you will know that I have really bad hand eczema (or atopic dermatitis). My severe hand eczema has been exacerbated since I had to do lots of washing regularly as a stay-at-home-mom.  Dry, scaly, itchy skin has been made worse by the constant skin cracking and bleeding.  Even opening up my palms fully hurt a whole lot.  Sometimes I have had to bear the pain, wear plastic gloves and continue doing what I have been doing.  I have also had to put off a great deal of baking and cooking on days when the pain was simply unbearable.

Creams and lotions have helped temporarily, but the eczema always returns with a vengeance.  It was like one step forward and then two steps back.

Because of the use of steroidal creams too, the skin on my hands have become extremely thin and fragile.  The slightest knock and it will tear.  Sometimes when I have cracks on my hands, even the water from the shower hurts me when I take my bath.

Such was my suffering in silence.

I tried a host of products from creams, ointments, oils, lotions, special soaps and watched my diet diligently.  These were all temporay reliefs at best.  I was looking for a permanent cure.

However, about two months ago, I was introduced to two products, touted to heal eczema from within.  Instead of topical application, these products nourish the body from within, providing the body with the supplements needed for moisture and rejuvenation.


I was skeptical of course, because I was convinced I had tried everything out there.  Despite that, I told myself that I owed it to myself to give these products a chance.  After all, I’ve tried everything there is, so if these work, it would be a bonus.

Taking these were a breeze.  Hydrogenated water tastes exactly like water, so there was no big deal there.  And the capsules, I just swallowed them.  These were capsules loaded with the 6 most important carotenoids and 5 most important nutrients needed for the body.  It was like taking your fruits and veggies for the day, except that you were taking them sufficiently and in adequate amounts.


During the first week of taking these supplements, I experienced the detoxification process, which is expected but varies from individual to individual depending on what ailments you are trying to cure.  The detoxification process is an inevitable stage where the body expels the toxins that cause the ailing condition, in this case, eczema.  My hands became drier and scalier, and there were even fresh cuts in between my fingers.  I was ready to throw in the towel.  Really.

But persevered I did.

And after the 6th day, I was rewarded with results, as the condition of my hands became better.  The dry skin slowly disappeared and the cuts and cracks closed up overnight.  I even discovered that I could get by without oils and creams on my hands for several hours without them drying up.  Previously, I had to make sure they were moisturised all the time so that they don’t crack.  Now it was as though my skin is being moisturised and hydrated from within.

It has been a little more than two weeks now that I have been faithfully taking these supplements and they are certainly my best decision yet.  These are rather painful pictures for me to share, but I just wanted to show how my skin has improved in a span of slightly more than 2 weeks!


For the first time in such a long while, I can see the lines on my palm clearly and it looks like my skin has a healthy GLOW to it!  True, my skin still has room for improvement but they have definitely never felt better.  They also feel more resilient towards external factors and don’t crack or bleed as easily as before.

Just last week too, I discovered that now my hands don’t even itch when I eat shellfish!  Before this, I had been abstaining from shellfish because they made me itch, but I accidentally ate some in a bowl of soup last week, and I was pleased that my hands weren’t itchy at all!  Unbelievable but 100% true!  I could be on my way to diminishing my allergies for good!

My baby, who has been suffering for 17 months, is also taking these supplements to cure her eczema and I’m glad to say that she has never looked better.  She looks happier, more contented and is sleeping way better than before.

I’m so happy to have found these products, and I’m even more happy that this is extremely good news and a major breakthrough for all eczema sufferers out there.


Most importantly, it’s safe, natural and good for you.  And it’s steroid-free.

I’m living testament of that.

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4 Responses to I’ve Finally Found a Cure for My Eczema! … And it’s Natural & Safe!

  1. yvonne says:

    may i know where to buy these?

    The Giddy Tigress says: These products aren’t sold in retail stores. We need to order them. I can help you place an order if you like. I will email you with details.

  2. Thanga says:

    So you consumed 3 capsules a day along with 1 pack of the hidrogen drink daily?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hi Thanga, thanks for commenting. My initial dosage was 3 capsules + 1 Izumio twice a day. After a month and a half, I have reduced my dosage to 2 capsule twice a day + 1 Izumio once a day.

  3. Jessica Vu says:

    I would like to by the Izumio & super lutein

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hi Jessica, I will email you with details. Thanks!

  4. Zubayr Ahmad says:

    While this product works on you, were you back then eating healthy eczema diet? Or just eat normal?

    The Giddy Tigress says: I maintained my regular diet, which was not vegan, but I abstained from shellfish. However, recently I tried shellfish again (shrimp) and am pleased to note that there were not flare ups. It shows that Izumio and S Lutein played a major role in reversing allergies.

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