Diary of a Meal-Planner-Wannabe (Weeks of Jan 11 – 15 & Jan 18 – 22)

I’m doing a two-in-one post for the meal-planning post this week.  I realize I have been lagging again, so please forgive me… Well, things on the homefront seem all right.  It looks like I have the laundry under control now too, but I still need to find more time to do more spring cleaning and decluttering.  Ooooh…and curtains need to be laundered before the Chinese New Year too!

Anyway, here’s what we did, meal-wise for the past 2 weeks.  How is it going on your end?

Jan 11-15


Lunch: Peanut soup with pork ribs served with steamed rice.

Dinner: Peanut soup with pork ribs (from lunch) and rice; yellow curry chicken (non-spicy version so the kids can enjoy it too).


Breakfast: Ran out of easy breakfast options like bread, so I woke up 30 mins earlier to make tuna burritos.

Lunch: Leftovers from dinner the night before.

Dinner: Soy sauce pork belly (Tau ewe bak), Carrot radish stir fry with cuttlefish (Jiu hoo char – a firm CNY favorite) served with fresh lettuce and steamed rice.  I froze half of the jiu hoo char I made so I can serve it next week too!  Yes, we can freeze jiu hoo char for up to 2-3 weeks I think.


Lunch: Had burritos again: tuna burritos and jiu hoo char burritos.  Surprisingly good!

Dinner: Leftover soy sauce pork belly from last night.  I was looking for a simple recipe to cook with potato leaves and Google led me to my very own Masak Titek post!  So I decided to make a reinvented version of Masak Titek with potato leaves, milk (instead of coconut milk) and carrot chunks (instead of sweet potato).  Left out the shrimp because I did not have any available.


Lunch: Lotus root soup with steamed rice.

Dinner: Lotus root soup from lunch, ginger sauce chicken with mushrooms, baby bok choy stir fried with oyster mushrooms, steamed rice.


Lunch: Pumpkin rice with leftover lotus root soup and ginger sauce chicken.

Dinner: Out


Jan 18-22 (foresee an inactive cooking week ahead because we didn’t go to the market)


Cheat day – bought wan ton mee for lunch and ate out for dinner.


Lunch: Homemade mushroom soup, egg and pumpkin fried rice.

Dinner: Mushroom soup from lunch, ginger sauce chicken, leftover jiu hoo char from last week (remember I froze it then?)


Lunch: Ginger chicken with rice

Dinner: Ordered pizza


Lunch: Simple pasta salad, leftover pizza from last night.

Dinner: Steamed white snapper. dragon beard stir fried with fish cake, steamed rice, leftover pizza for kids (2 slices).


Lunch: Bought barbecued pork rice

Dinner: Out




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