A Relaxing Laid Back Day – The Giddy Tigress Way

On public holidays, we try to steer clear of crowded places like the malls, cinemas, tourist attractions and the like.  However, we love to spend time together as a family but at the same time we need to find ways to incorporate some personal pampering on our own too.  How do you make your kids part of your “me-time”?

Last Monday was such a day, so let me tell you how we did it…

In the morning, the kids had their swimming coaching session at the pool, so we took the opportunity to play around the slides in the pool area too, after the coaching session.  It was some good exercise and fun, because Daddy got to take the littlest one up and down the slides while Mommy enjoyed the “baking in the sun”….. NOT.  It was definitely scorching hot by noon, so we packed up and left by then.  Thank goodness we remembered to stay cool and hydrated with Izumio hydrogen water… felt so much better after downing a pack or two.


After a quick shower for all of us at home, we drove out for a quick and easy lunch at a nearby coffee shop.  Then Daddy took care of all the kids while I left for a 1-hour massage session.


This has been our arrangement every 3-4 months on the average.  Since we do not have extra help with the kids, we take turns going for our massages.  Would be awesome to get a massage together with your spouse (like a couples massage, y’know..) but since we cannot afford to do that yet…this will have to do.  The masseuse commented that my shoulder muscles felt very tense and knotted, so she concentrated on that part.  Getting a massage now and then really helps relieve the stress and everyone could certainly do with one every now and then.  Good stuff (except I am rather ticklish…but that’s my own problem…haha).

After my massage I drove back and then it was hubby’s turn for his massage.

That day, I decided to book a pedicure with a home manicurist/pedicurist.  It was a first time for me, and since my daughter had been asking for a session for a few weeks now, I decided to give it a go.  After all, I could still have all my kids with me at home whilst I had the pedicure!  Sure beats doing it in a mall with me having to worry about kids running around everywhere!


The session was very thorough, and both Mommy and daughter are very happy with the pedicure.  We will definitely book her again in future.

How did you spend your recent holidays?

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