Why Izumio and Super Lutein are Perfect for Kids


As parents, we definitely want only the best for our kids, and in my 10 years’ experience as a parent, I’ve realised how challenging it is to be a parent.  How we need to trust our instincts sometimes, how we need to make that call as to whether to do this or that, and how we have to be on our toes at all times, regardless of whether we are tired, sleepy, busy or sick.  Our kids will always come first and their well-being is always right there at the top.

With three kids now, it sometimes does get more challenging because the way we handle a tween (my eldest will be a teenager really really soon) is different from the way we handle a toddler.  Health and nutrition-wise though, I try my best to instill an awareness of eating right and healthily so that my kids are well-informed of their choices.  Of course, as kids, they have the occasional “junk food” and “candy that’s far too sweet for my liking”, but I’m so grateful that they are now on Izumio and Super Lutein natural health supplements, which I am 150% confident will bring their bodies back into equilibrium despite the snacking that they do occasionally.

Every parent ought to know that these supplements, Izumio and Super Lutein, exist because if they did and knew what these supplements are capable of, they would definitely want them for their kids (and for themselves).

Izumio hydrogenated water and Super Lutein carotenoid capsules are what I like to call “The Super Duo That Packs a Healthy Punch”!  In a nutshell, this is how these wonderful supplements work:

In a healthy individual, our body is in perfect equilibrium, hence we are termed healthy with no sickness or disease.  However, once we are exposed to free radicals, the state of our body becomes imbalanced.  Free radical activity is a chain process which keeps on replicating and causes our cells to mutate and become diseased.

While we are able to control the onset of certain free radicals in our body, we are not able to do so most of the time.  Factors like food intake and exercise are controllable, however certain factors like environmental exposure, stress and exposure of infection from third parties are beyond our control.

This is where a healthy and strong body plays an important role.  If your body is strong and healthy, it can ward off free radicals and infection easy.  But if your body is weak, it will succumb to free radical invasion and as a result, illnesses and diseases will follow.  Most people seek medical intervention in the form of drugs and medicine but these only treat the symptoms of the illness.  Once you recover, your body doesn’t get stronger.  Instead, it heals but contains drugs and medications and toxic material in it.

If your body is strong enough to fight off the infection WITHOUT drugs and medication, then it will only get stronger and stronger with time.  A strong, fit and healthy body can only be attained through healthy living and healthy eating.


Super Lutein and Izumio helps to ensure our bodies stay healthy and strong, naturally…without the need for drugs and medication.  Even more so with kids, who are in the process of building their immunities, Super Lutein and Izumio will definitely give them a headstart towards a healthier future.  Because Super Lutein and Izumio have successfully treated major diseases like cancer, heart attack and stroke, taking these supplements whilst they are kids will prevent the onset of these diseases as adults too.  Health investment, much?

Over the past year since we started on these supplements, I’ve stopped all other supplements we were previously on, because why would I want to waste money on other supplements which contain fillers and binders and other stuff which I cannot even pronounce, which could endanger my kids’ kidneys? Izumio and Super Lutein are pure and natural supplements and they are all we will ever need.  My kids consume 1-2 capsules Super Lutein daily (more if they are unwell or feeling under the weather), and 1 pack Izumio every other day.

Here’s why I say Super Lutein and Izumio are perfect for Kids:

A Boost to the Immunity

On so many instances, I have seen with my own eyes, my kids healing from illness like fever, coughs and cold just by upping their dosage on Izumio and Super Lutein.  Sometimes if I feel they are exposed to someone else who might be contagious, I increase their dosage too, and they don’t catch on.  Sometimes they catch the bug, but they heal super quickly.  I hardly ever give them antibiotics, and I believe they have even healed from bacterial infections without antibiotics… it takes longer but I know that their bodies are getting stronger in the process.

It’s not just my kids, mind you… many of my friends who have taken that leap of faith have reported astounding results with kids’ immunities too!

A friend whose daughter had been suffering from persistent chronic cough for at least 7-8 months, gave her 1 pack of Izumio on that night she bought this product from me and her daughter’s cough healed overnight!

Another friend gave her daughter just 1 capsule Super Lutein and half a pack of Izumio water and her flu and cough recovered with needing medication from the doctor.


For the Super Lutein capsules, kids either swallow them whole or you can snip off the end with a pair of sharp food scissors, and squeeze out its contents into the kids’ mouths.  You could also soak the capsule in a little bit of drinking water and let it soften for about 10 minutes.  This makes the swallowing easier.  Recently my daughter suffered the tail-end of a phlegmy cough.  For coughs and sore throats, I highly recommend squeezing the contents of Super Lutein straight into the throat or chewing or biting it.  However, my girl does not like the taste of the carotenoids and fish oil, so I masked it with some Manuka honey for her.  After 2-3 doses, the cough went away.


The Ultimate in Eyecare Supplements

If kids are exposed to radiation via television, computers, iPads, iPhones etc, they need exceptional eye protection.  Super Lutein contains two of the most potent carotenoids that work wonderfully to maintain healthy eyes: Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  These are sourced from the best natural sources in the world and wouldn’t you agree that your eyes and your kids’ eyes deserve the best?

For kids with short-sightedness (Myopia) or astigmatism or even any congenital eye diseases, Izumio and Super Lutein are perfect.  There are already cases of kids having to change their glasses to reduce the power, and I pray that in time, these kids do not have to wear glasses altogether.  Izumio, which contains hydrogen, has the capability of reversing genetic abnormality and targets cells at mitochondrial level.  No other element in the world can do that.

For occasional eye complaints like sore eyes, red eyes, tired eyes and itchy eyes, I simply drop a few drops of Izumio into their eyes (like eye drops), and have them close their eyes for about 10 minutes. The effect of Izumio is almost instantaneous!  Red eyes become less irritated, and tired eyes seem more lively.

For Scrapes, Nicks and Cuts

Getting hurt is part and parcel of childhood and growing up and is inevitable.  I like to soak some sterilised cotton gauze in some Izumio and let it sit on the wound or cut for about 2-3 minutes.  It helps the wound heal much faster, without irritation.

Recently, my daughter had her ears pierced and one side of the ear developed some redness a few days after.  I simply dried her ears after showering and placed cotton gauze with Izumio for 2-3 minutes.  The redness subsided and went away within 1-2 days.  No crusty lesions formed (as is often for pierced earlobes) and she is none the happier!

See, I use Izumio for everything!  My kids know how to ask for it when they want it too!

For the Picky Eater

Kids who don’t eat enough nutritious food every day fall sick more easily because their immune system is compromised.  Super Lutein is a supplement that will provide 4 servings of fruits, 5 servings of vegetables in all the colors of the rainbow, with just 3 capsules daily.  I can also be assured of the quality of the nutrients it provides, unlike the food we buy outside.  How sure are we that organic is truly organic?  Of course, eating whole foods is definitely better but it’s reassuring to know that when the whole foods fall short of supplementing my kids with the food they need every day, Super Lutein steps in effortlessly.

For Skin Problems and Skin Issues

I’ve noticed that kids nowadays have more and more problems with their skin.  It could be due to the environment or to the food/junk they put in their bodies.  Regardless, Izumio and Super Lutein are designed to fix that imbalance.

This is a testament I hold near and dear to myself, because my own daughter who has had eczema since birth is well on the way to full recovery now.  I am eternally grateful to Super Lutein and Izumio for giving her that lease of life, and I am truly touched when friends and relatives come up to me and comment on how her skin has improved so much.

Not just for eczema, but for rashes, hives and occasional itching, Izumio truly relieves and heals.  Don’t just take my word for it, you gotta try it.

To Counter Dehydration

No matter how much my kids drink, I still think they don’t drink enough.  So I get extra paranoid when they are out having their activities.  Soccer, swimming …all takes a toll on their water levels.  When I know they are going to be exposed to external factors, especially in the hot sun, I give them 1 pack Izumio to hydrate and rejuvenate them.  This gives them more energy too, and reduces the dehydration…because if you know kids…they WILL forget to drink their water when they have fun.



You will see that all the kid-related concerns and complaints above are very valid and real ones that are faced by all families today.  All the more reason why Super Lutein and Izumio are essential in the healthy growth and upbringing of all kids today.

These are the only supplements your child will need and I can assure you its goodness will carry on from now when your child is young up till when he or she is an adult.  Its cancer and heart attack preventative properties will stay on and you would be ensuring a healthy childhood and adulthood for your family.

Choose this health investment today for your family and I can assure you that like me, you will be reaping more than just health rewards but the satisfaction that you are spreading news of these life-saving products that are truly wonderful.

Please email me at joyce.cheah@gmail.com or contact me via whatsapp at +6012-4179822 if you would like a free no-obligation consultation on these products, Izumio and Super Lutein.

Have a fabulous weekend and wonderful Chinese New Year celebration, everyone!  Drive safe and stay healthy!!  Don’t leave home without Izumio and Super Lutein!!

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  1. Sounds like it really is a super duo supplement for the kid. I am always keen on the ingredients of many supplements and try as much to avoid anything that isn’t natural. I know synthetics works more effectively but I would rather do naturals that are slower. Thanks for sharing your Izumio experience. It sounds like I should try it also.


    The Giddy Tigress says: Yeah, everyone should try Izumio and Super Lutein first before dismissing it as “just another supplement”. Thanks for your comment!

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