Fresh-made Pesto from Scratch!


Yes, it definitely tastes better than it looks!

I’ve always wanted to make my own pesto… even more so when my homegrown Genovese basil started sprouting and blossoming.  The biggest plant I had, which used to have the freshest looking leaves, starting becoming yellow and I was disappointed for a few weeks, but then 2 other plants started to grow (from flyaway basil seeds, no doubt!), and so I was able to harvest a whole basket full of fresh fragrant basil.

I had a very willing assistant and sous chef, of course…


This was our very favorable yield for the day:


We then plucked the basil leaves out from the stems and washed them clean.  Toasted some pine nuts and several cloves of garlic.


Pulsed the basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts and some olive oil in the blender till more or less smooth, and then added some parmesan cheese and salt to taste.


In less than half an hour, I had made my virgin batch of pesto, and it sure smelled heavenly!


Lunch  was a simple pesto pasta for the kids, and I have half a jar of pesto left, hopefully enough to make us some chicken pesto dish thingy next week.



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