The Eat Clean & Keep Healthy Challenge: Easier Than I Thought


Photo Credit: Katie Smith

A couple of weeks ago, I took on the Eat Clean & Keep Healthy Challenge, together with several of my friends.  Taking part in this challenge meant there were several ground rules we had to follow:

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  1. I applaud your aspirations and your spirit! Keep it up ya! 😀 Myself, I am on a continuous journey of increasing my veggie-intake & decreasing consumption of processed food in my life. It’s been an uphill battle, but I have managed to astound my family & friends on how far I have improved myself from being a person who consumed only 3 types of veggie reluctantly, into someone who can’t enjoy her meals without at least 1 type of veggie. Veggie is an acquired taste, the more you eat, the more you’ll love it. But I won’t be a vegetarian because I love meat, poultry & seafood too much. I do limit my meals to 3 times a day. No snacking in between, but if I really am famished, I’d go for fruits. Admittedly, I succumb to temptations occasionally and I do love sweet things. As for working out, alas I can only stand doing 15-20 minutes zumba weekly. I have 5 kids, I weigh between 45-47kg and I’m barely 5′. I was heaviest after the birth of my first child, maintaining about 52kg for about 3 months. Fortunately, I have a mom who dared to point out to me whenever I start to gain weight. Having the support & understanding of the people we love really helps.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you for sharing, Zurainny! Indeed, support from people closest to us helps more than we know. All the best to you!

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